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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M 2 0 2 0 J U L Y G R A P H I C S P R O 5 9 nison's line include confetti, glow-in-the- dark, and kaleidoscope. Similar available products from other companies all help your signage stand out. Also in the signage area is a high-perfor- mance cut vinyl film that is great for letter- ing and intricate designs for plotter cutting and weeding. It comes in a wide variety of colors with new technology that enhances shelf life and gives operators more flexibility and time to stage production and imple- ment their projects. Window film remains an important product in the market. Specialty films in this category include cast vinyl films that provide the look and feel of real etched glass or frosted glass at a fraction of the cost of sandcarving or acid-etching glass. You may find an unfilled need in your market for anti-graffiti or anti-scratch lami- nates in locations that are prone to graf- fiti. Think about storefront graphics, mass transit stations, rolling stock, free-standing USPS boxes, and even semi-trailers. Protec- tive films designed primarily for automotive applications also work well on some archi- tectural surfaces. Paint protection film isn't the only spe- cialty product that has applications beyond its intended market. Different customers of ours are using vehicle-wrapping films to customize home appliances, medical equip- ment, and even prosthetics. One shop uses our wrapping film as the outer layer on their multi-layer anti-graffiti film product. When they got an order for protective face shields, they found the wrapping film was perfect as part of the adjustable headband they designed. GO FOR IT Your reps can be a great resource for a lot more than just films. We can clue you in on all sorts of inside tips and techniques on production, installation, and outside-the- box applications. I come from an installation background, so I am always on the lookout for specialty tools that make the job easier. One of my favorite new tools is the Bill Collector, an oversized felt squeegee that is great for large- area surface applications such as wall mu- rals. The ergonomic design enables install- ers to get jobs done faster with less fatigue. Before I started as a manufacturer's rep, my attitude was that shops should stick to what they did best. Then I found myself working with customers during the 2008 recession, and my attitude changed. I re- alized that somebody is going to get these jobs, so it might as well be you. Maybe you outsource the installation or work with an outside design company, but the point is to work smarter and go for it. In addition to talking with your sales or technical rep, there are a number of other ways to get up to speed on specialty films. And if business is slow, there isn't a better time to do it. Take advantage of every learning op- portunity. Look for product and installa- tion training. Sign up for the webinars and watch the videos—and don't skip the ones about adapting business practices, leading a team, keeping skills sharp, and staying vigi- lant with federal and state guidelines. We know this industry will overcome the cur- rent challenges, and the shops that do the things today will emerge better prepared for the future. GP CINDY RICHARDS is territory manager and regional technical specialist with Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions. You can reach her at cindy.richards@ Above: You can use special effects film to provide the look of etched glass. Seen here is the Avery Dennison SF 100 Specialty Effect Window Film. (Image courtesy Avery Dennison) Left: Avery Dennison HP 750 Cut Vinyl Film can be used for plotter cutting and weeding of intricate designs and lettering for indoor and outdoor signage, and crafting proj- ects. (Image courtesy Avery Dennison) Specialty graphic films can be used to create stunning, eye-catching displays. Seen here is the 3M Controltac Print Film 40C. (Image courtesy 3M)

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