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Editors' NOTE 8 • RV PRO • August 2020 rv-pro.com Bradley Worrell EDITOR brad@nbm.com P.O. Box 1416, Broomfield, CO 80038 (800) 669-0424 • (303) 469-0424 FAX (303) 469-5730 • rv-pro.com NATIONAL BUSINESS MEDIA, INC. PRESIDENT Dave Pomeroy VICE PRESIDENT / FINANCE Kori Gonzales, CPA DIRECTOR OF CONTENT Regan Dickinson VICE PRESIDENT / AUDIENCE & EVENTS Lori Farstad DIRECTOR OF TECHNICAL SERVICES Wolf Butler CEO & OWNER Robert H. Wieber Jr. PUBLISHER: Chris Cieto (800) 669-0424, ext. 253 ccieto@nbm.com EDITOR: Bradley Worrell (800) 669-0424, ext. 299 brad@nbm.com MANAGING EDITOR: Travis O. Pryor (800) 669-0424, ext. 284 tpryor@nbm.com DIGITAL CONTENT EDITOR: Tony Kindelspire (800) 669-0424 ext. 213 tkindelspire@nbm.com MEDIA CONSULTANT: Anthony Bowe (800) 669-0424, ext. 232 abowe@nbm.com SALES SUPPORT: Sara Dorheim-Davis (800) 669-0424, ext. 256 sddavis@nbm.com ART DIRECTOR: Kim M. Wright ADVERTISING DESIGN/PRODUCTION: Dayne Pillow MULTIMEDIA PRODUCER: Alison McDonald CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Darian Armer, Lisa Dicksteen, Mike Harbour, Holli Koster, Rob Merwin, K. Schipper, Ronnie Wendt, Stefanie Galeano-Zalutko, Linda Cahan and Jan Kelly SENIOR ADVISOR: Mike Wieber Can't We All Just Get Along? Turmoil. Our nation has had more than its share of it lately. There have been heated debates over Black Lives Matter / Blue Lives Matter / All Lives Matter. There has been rancor over wearing masks – or not wearing masks. And, of course, there has been near-constant clamor between political rivals with the presidential election season fast approaching. Amid that constant cacophony of anger and mistrust on TV and elsewhere in the media, you could be forgiven if you happened to miss two recent small but important positive developments for our industry, both of which illustrate the power of individuals and orga- nizations working together toward common goals. The first development was the announcement by the RV Dealers Association and the RV Industry Association that they had developed a model RV franchise law designed in large part to promote cooperation between dealers and manufacturers. This is not a small thing, as manufacturer and dealer relationships are sometimes contentious, with each side feeling the other is taking advantage of them. Representatives for both associations say they believe they have arrived at an agreement that should increase efficiencies in negotiations, reduce lobbying costs, and help the two sides achieve a mutually beneficial business environment. RVDA President Phil Ingrassia told me both sides had to make compromises in order to develop the agreed-upon framework. "Well, yeah, absolutely," he said with a small, knowing laugh. "It took us two years. There are things in there that had to be negotiated." Importantly, the model franchise law covers towable RVs, which are often not addressed under the state motor vehicle laws that RV businesses sometimes operate under. Ingrassia was quick to note that states are happy with their existing franchise laws can continue to operate under them, and that states wishing to develop RV-specific legislation can customize the framework RVIA and RVDA developed to meet their own unique needs. "The whole purpose of the project was to find a path forward, where states that want to consider RV-specific legislation had a guide of what could be mutually agreed starting point," he said. "It gives them a starting point." Meanwhile, the RVIA board recently adopted best practices regarding RV model year changeovers, which encourages RV makers to make annual model year and major product design changes between July 1 and Aug. 31. RVDA and RVDA of Canada are both deeply supportive of the move, which representatives say will improve the RV buying experience for consumers while helping dealers better plan their inventories. Historically, year model changes coming at random times have been a huge headache for dealers, with customers questioning why they may see multiple model year RVs on a dealer's lot and floorplan lenders devaluing a dealer's RVs that they perceive as being "old" strictly because of the year model. The best practices rule adopted by RVIA is voluntary, so it is up to individual RV makers to determine whether they will follow the guidance. Still, Ingrassia said he expects to see most RV makers adopt the guidance, which he sees as a win for the entire industry. It's encouraging to see that – even in times of tumult – our industry can come together to tackle thorny challenges. Wouldn't it be a nice if these actions were lessons the rest of our country could learn from? As always, thanks for reading.

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