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rv-pro.com August 2020 • RV PRO • 31 up with those three things, or I say 'no.' Most of the time I find myself with the answer to the first and second part being yes. The gotcha is always the third one: Are you willing to do the things that make a difference? As a consultant, if the organization is not willing to do the things they are paying for my expertise on, then we both will lose. When I talked to Susan, I knew this would be a good fit because everyone was so onboard with doing the things that would make a difference. RV PRO: How will you use your role to draw women into the industry? Ellingson: There are a lot of women who have never considered a career in the RV industry. But there are so many jobs they can do – they just may not be aware of what they are. Some of our initiatives will be to expose the oppor- tunities via partnerships with trade schools, staffing organi- zations and even the technical school systems. RV PRO: How will you know that you've made an impact? Ellingson: We don't want RVWA to be the flavor of the month then go away. We want to be the flavor that lasts. We know to do this we have to have initiatives that are measurable so we are put- ting the technology in place to do so. We won't just mea- sure how many members we have gained, but how many members we have placed in jobs or assisted with career advancement. I also believe that the number of men as members will also indicate success. Men tend to think that RVWA is just for women. When men tell me that I ask them: 'Do you have a wife? Do you have a daughter? Do you have a mother? Don't you want to be their champion?' I then add, 'That's why you should be a part of RVWA.' H i s t o r i c a l l y, t h e RV industr y has been full of amazing men with years of knowledge. Our goal is to encourage them to pass on that legacy to the next generation – male or female. ENERGY ®

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