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46 THE SHOP SEPTEMBER 2020 Woodies p.52 Back to the Track p.56 Performance Products p.60 SEPTEMBER 2020 rom drifting to cone- cutting and off-road to endurance racing, import performance vehicles are fast, versa- tile and fun. Now with the ability to reach 1,000 hp as reasonably as their USA-branded coun- terparts, import performance vehicles have carved their own strong niche in the auto- motive aftermarket. Manufacturers share reasons to be excited about the potential of these vehicles and the enthusiasm of their supporters. Let's take a look at the market, some selling tips and the possible long-term effects brought about by COVID-19. MORE THAN 'SPORT COMPACTS' The import performance market has long moved past any previous stereotypes of these vehicles being all show and no go. "Import performance today is associated with serious racing. That's evident with imports dominating series like Formula DRIFT, Time Attack, Gridlife, and SCCA competitions," says Brian LeBarron of Fluidampr. "Plus, there's a broader mix of import models well-supported by the Checking in on the import performance market. BIG FUN SMALL CARS, By John Carollo 46 THE SHOP SEPTEMBER 2020 Jager Racing squeezes nearly 900 hp from a 2.5L turbocharged boxer engine in its record-setting Unlimited Time Attack Subaru STi. (Photo by Motor Mavens)

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