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6 THE SHOP SEPTEMBER 2020 O ne day, 2020 will be remembered as the year of coronavirus conun- drums that affected everything—even the burgeoning powersports market. To recap: • While OEMs try to harness their losses due to setbacks and restrictions in the wake of a public health crisis, many aftermarket businesses discover creative ways to pivot during unprecedented times • While new regulations and supply SPECIAL REPORT: POWERSPORTS POWERSPORTS SPECIAL REPORT: Part I – getting to know the market. Potential POWERSPORTS CROSSOVER By Stefanie Galeano-Zalutko Pre-pandemic, the power- sports industry was on pace for another strong year, and the latest indica- tors show it is already recovering nicely. (Photo courtesy Warn Industries) chain disruptions cause a ripple effect across the industry, many manufac- turers reconsider overseas dependencies • And, while COVID-19 significantly impacts the economy, many power- sports dealers and eRetailers put up record sales despite inventory shortages Knowledgeable industry professionals share data and insights on the current state of the powersports market, as well as opportunities for aftermarket shops to capture more crossover sales. Product manu- facturing has of course been affected by COVID-19, and suppliers are working hard to adapt as needed. (Photo courtesy Warn Industries)

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