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TAXA Outdoors Riding record sales and more than a six-month backlog on available units, Hous- ton-based TAXA Outdoors' focus in 2020 is on fresher, more modern looks and creating a common core among its four models. Catering to a unique demo of young families, TAXA has gradually shifted its flag- ship model away from its spartan Cricket model – designed for two adults and two children – to its more deluxe Mantis line. Packing more niceties and more space, the Mantis sleeps four adults but still tucks away neatly into a standard garage. TAXA President Divya Brown says this shift has been the result of ongoing analysis of how customers are using the units, which are called habitats. Designed by Garrett Finney, a former NASA engineer and the company's founder and CEO, TAXA's four habitats – also including the TigerMoth and Woolly Bear – are less home on wheels and more launch pad for travel and adventure. "Our customers are people who have never really considered themselves RVers," says Brown. "They are families of four or more who want to live and work remotely. They might dream of living an alternative lifestyle or of being off grid." While TAXA's customers embrace minimalism, they do also like having the ability to customize their living space. That's why with its fall updates, TAXA will shift to more simplified cabinetry with a metal frame that gives customers more access and better ability to configure their cabinets to their liking. TAXA's cabinetry features a series of milk crates that customers can place as drawers inside the unit and easily remove to take food and other items outdoors. As the cabinets take on a more modern look, the company is simultaneously offering a throw-back to the bright orange tent side it offered on its earlier models. "We are also going to be rolling out Overland editions of all our habitats," says Brown. "These models will have bigger tires, more ground clearance and a different axle system that will let people take the units further down dirt roads." TAXA previously only offered the Cricket line in an Overland edition. On the heels of its move to larger space – which is two-and-a-half times the size of its previous facility – TAXA is looking forward to increased production capacity to address an ongoing spike in demand. "We average over 600 leads per day with demand for more product," says Brown. "Every unit we sell is pre-sold to the end customer. There are no unsold units." RV PRO ➤ NEW MODEL YEAR PREVIEW September 2020 • RV PRO • 99 TAXA President Divya Brown (above right) says her company has shifted its flagship model from its spartan Cricket model to its larger, more deluxe Mantis line (pictured).

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