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116 • RV PRO • September 2020 rv-pro.com she says. "I talked with the customer and we're all really excited that it will be coming out in late September." In the meantime, the company is proud of the graphics it donated for the "Rollin on TV" customized Forest River No Boundaries model that's being raffled to raise money for Care Camps, a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide camping adventures for children with cancer. "Sometimes we'll do special units," she says. "It's a one-time thing, and it's for charity." Local Option The bulk of Graphix Unlimited's work isn't, well … unlimited, but it can come in much larger numbers than a one-off. How- ever, when Vitali talks about the company's core market, she prefers to first talk about people and customer service rather than the graphics the company produces. "I think where Graphix Unlimited stands out is that we're local to most of the OEMs," she says. "We have a little bit of an advantage because our response times – if there is an issue – are pretty quick. We're within 45 minutes to an hour, but we pride ourselves on responding to our customers quickly." Another advantage: That response isn't just coming from the salesperson or the quality team. Vitali says it can involve the inventory team, in-house customer service and the graphics design team. All those individuals – the company currently employs about 65 people – may be involved in the success of a project. Vitali admits that there is no one formula the company follows for working with its customer base, as it varies from customer to customer and project to project, starting with how Graphix Unlimited finds out a manu- facturer is beginning work on a new model. "We have some that contact us, but we also know the cycles for model changes and we stay on top of that," Vitali says, adding that part of the sales staff 's job is reaching out to new contacts and keeping up with staff changes at the OEMs. Once a new model or update is announced the hard work begins. Vitali says the graphics design team goes in and starts getting direction from the product managers. A big question is what market segment the unit is being designed for. It's also likely the manufacturer has some thoughts on the colors and style they would like to see in the graphics package. She acknowledges that some manufac- turers are known for being more conser- vative than others. Still another consideration is the type of unit the graphics are being designed for. Graphix Unlimited decorates everything from Class A motorhomes to what Vitali describes as, "little bitty travel trailers." Pollock says the size of a unit can make a world of difference to a graphics designer. "Obviously, the decals are a little bigger on the motorized units," she says. "We have a little bit more budget to deal with and that helps, too. The big thing is, with the small units you have a smaller area and a lot more window space to try to avoid while still getting a good-looking design." The company even needs to consider the popular colors for tow vehicles – cur- rently black, white, silver and gray. Graphix Unlimited works with The Color Mar- keting Group to stay on top of color trends and Pantone will provide info on the hot colors for 2021 later this fall. Not surprisingly, "Working with them can take several months to get through the design phase," Vitali says. "We start almost a full year before the actual model change takes place." It's also not a job for artists with egos. Worker LuAnn Harner operates the wide-format digital printer, capable of creating large graphics for RVs and other vehicles.

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