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132 • RV PRO • September 2020 rv-pro.com HEAT & SOUND INSULATION Thermo-Tec Automotive, Greenwich, Ohio presents the Thermo Guard FR and Cool-It Mat. The Cool-It Mat is used to battle excessive h e a t a n d n o i s e that penetrate the driver compartment through the firewalls a n d f l o o r b o a r d s . T h e C o o l - I t M a t i s c o m p o s e d o f resin-bonded silica blanketing insulation sandwiched between a Mylar facing on one side and a foil facing on the other. Meanwhile, Thermo Guard FR is a lightweight, durable shield for heat and sound insulation. Thermoguard FR reduces sound, absorbs vibration, protects from radiant heat up to 1500 degrees F. This product features 100 percent synthetic fiber felt that provides sound and comfort control and a high-tech foil heat barrier that blocks more than 90 percent of radiant heat. www.thermotec.com SPECIAL PRODUCT FOCUS SEALANT Sika Corp., Lyndhurst, N.J., offers the Sikaflex-715. To avoid major water damage to an RV roof, users need a sealant that won't shrink, crack or dry out over time. Sikaflex-715 defends against water leaks, whether on the road or before winterizing. T h i s m a d e - i n - t h e - U. S. A . product is a one-component silane terminated polymer with excellent UV-resistance and adhesion to a wide variety of RV roof components including E P D M , m e t a l s , c o a t i n g s , ceramics, and plastics. It is self-leveling and cures to form a durable elastic seal. http:///usa.sika.com TOILET SEAL CAP Pure Essence, Boerne, Texas introduces Outhouse Toilet Seal Cap which solves and restores a leaky toilet seal and unwanted odors that can come up from the holding tank through an RV toilet in a couple of easy steps. Outhouse prevents toilet seals from drying up during RV storage and helps prevent unwanted odors from coming up from the holding tank during storage. It also conditions, lubricates and restores leaky toilet seals, prolonging its proper function when used with Outhouse Toilet Seal Conditioner. http://Pureessence.life PROTECTIVE COATING Rhino Linings Corp., San Diego, offers Rhino Eco-Coat, a protective coating that quickly and easily solves the problem of rejuvenating aged RVs and trailer roofs. Eco-Coat costs less than replacing the previous rubber or vehicle roof every few years. Rhino Eco-Coat contains UV-stabilizers and leafing aluminum pigment that forms a long-term barrier against water intrusion, while offering a high reflectivity index. http://rhinolinings.com

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