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154 • RV PRO • September 2020 rv-pro.com ProgressiveIndustries.net | 800.307.6702 | Milwaukee, WI USA Five year LIFETIME THREE year Portable EMS SURGE PROTECTORS EMS-PT30X EMS-PT50X Our EMS-PTX Models provide: ■ Open ground, open neutral & reverse polarity detection and protection ■ High and low voltage protection ■ A/C frequency protection ■ Built-in scrolling digital display ■ Current indication ■ Surge failure indicator ■ All weather shield assembly with tough Lexan housing feel is necessary given their sales volume and increased margins as RVs fly off the lot each day? A sampling of RV-related forums and social media sites clearly shows many dealers have sent new RVers off to the campground only to find out they really didn't get the introduction they needed to survive their shakedown journey without some issues. Even worse, they then turn to the campground owners to solve their prob- lems – not understanding that life in the campground and business for campground owners also has changed in response to the pandemic. The dealer community cannot – and should not – ask campground owners to finish the education of the consumer when they arrive for an exciting adventure with their new RV. It's no different than dealers being frustrated with manufacturers that are rushing units from the manufacturing hub of Elkhart, Ind., to dealerships nationwide and then expecting those dealers and their service team members to complete their quality con- trol process before selling the unit. After listening to both sides of this dis- cussion for several months now, let me suggest some things that I think will go a long way to resolving a lot of consumer frustration, especially – and most impor- tantly – for those first-time buyers who come to dealers looking for the fulfillment of their dreams and unprepared for issues they didn't expect or were not trained on – things that many experienced RVers are well-versed in. How can dealers use these experienced RVers (your customers that love you) to help take some of the workload of your critical employees and turn it into a com- petitive advantage? How can these vet- eran RVers assure that each new customer leaves your lot with a basic understanding of the lifestyle, and an introduction to other products, services and accessories that will enhance that experience and that they will be very happy to pay for? One thought: Could you develop a concierge service that you activate after the sale is complete? Yes, many dealers provide new cus- tomers with gift certificates to their parts and accessories store as a "thank you" for their business. Some dealers let customers roam the store and try to figure out what they might need. Other dealers may have the sales rep accompany them, while still other dealers leave it up to parts depart- ment employees to answer their questions. However, those employees often are very busy trying to fill orders, gets parts for service, chasing down warranty parts and claims, and more. So, why not solicit assistance from

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