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72 • RV PRO • September 2020 RV PRO ➤ NEW MODEL YEAR PREVIEW COACHMEN CATALINA Catalina sees changes across all its segments this year from look to function. One of the most exciting changes, from Product Manager Michael Gaeddert's view, is a new flip-down cargo rack that will add 200 pounds of extra storage to a unit. New 2021 Legacy changes include new linoleum, a new graphics package, the flip-down cargo rack, a Carefree awning with multi-color LED lighting controllable by remote, JBL Elite exterior speakers, new camp kitchens with griddle cooktop, all-in-one entertainment TV with true independent zone control and an optional off-grid solar package. The Summit-8 Series, Destination, Trail Blazer, Summit-7 Series and Expedition seg- ments offer similar changes. "The multi-colored LEDs can dance and change colors. Everyone likes a cool ambiance," says Gaeddert. Enhancing that ambiance is the addition of quality JBL exterior speakers and the all-in-one entertainment TV system that allows kids to be inside watching a movie hook up the sound bar while parents sit outside and listen to music via Bluetooth, all in one system. The system allows for independent zones and multiple functions. Other changes include a 12-volt vent fan with the cutout prepped to fit or to allow more natural light. There is also now an LP quick connect. "What I'm most excited to see how it plays out for us is our true off-grid solar package. You can have everything but your air conditioner and microwave function going. It has a 40-amp solar controller. Depending on how you're using it, you can add 480-watts incoming to truly go off-grid," says Gaeddert. "This is where the 12-volt setup will come in handy. You can put in the Maxx vent and not break the bank. The dealer just has to drop it in." COACHMEN FIFTH WHEELS Fred Hershberger, general manager, and Greg Lebold, sales manager for Coachmen fifth wheels, didn't spend their time idly when COVID-19 forced manufacturing plants to close. "One thing COVID did for us was give us six to seven weeks with no production to sit down, think, and listen to campers about what they do with their campers, where they use them and how we, as manufacturers, can help," says Hershberger. "One thing we've looked at a lot is solar. When a customer is prepping in the driveway, at the gas station, having the auto leveler work when you get to the campsite is something solar can help them with." Another change coming to the lineup is the introduction of a mid-profile unit with three air conditioners on the unit. "In warmer climates, a lot of times the bunks aren't cooling. Three air conditioning PREVIEW Greg Lebold, sales manager for Coachmen fifth wheels Coachmen's Chaparral went through a graphics change for 2021.

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