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RV PRO ➤ NEW MODEL YEAR PREVIEW September 2020 • RV PRO • 77 going after is the customer who just wants a simple unit and it's going to drive down the road very easily. We've found that a lot of these buyers aren't camping in them as much as they are using them for transport." Non-slide units such as the Vienna RL are popular sellers for at least one competitor, so Kazmierczak believes it will do well for Renegade; its MSRP will be similar to other Vienna models. He says Renegade is targeting customers who've never before owned a Vienna. For those dealers who haven't looked into adding Super C's to their offerings, Kazmierczak says it's still a good time to do so, as the category is one of the few that continues to grow while other most others remain flat or slide down. One reason: Super C manufacturers just aren't as numerous like they are in the Class A and C markets. According to Kazmierczak, Renegade is enjoying its best summer ever as sales are reaching record highs. In addition, its orders are already backlogged into February, proof that Super C's are in demand. LANCE CAMPER Everything old is new again, the saying goes, so when people see the new truck camper and new travel trailer for 2021 from Lance Camper, they shouldn't be surprised that neither unit has a slide-out. The California manufacturer already offers several truck campers, plus the 20-foot 2075 trailer, all without slides, and they are all popular sellers, according to Bob Rogers, marketing director for Lance. He's confident the new models will be, too. Tentatively called the 1770 and due to go into production in January, the new trailer will be notable for something it does have: A configurable bed. Designed to suit couples who prefer to sleep separately or for friends and family who need their own bed, the design consists of a pair of XL twins that can be pushed together to make a king. "We survey all of our new owners when they buy a Lance, as well as prospects that we get emails from, and we ask them what they like and what they'd like to see different, and it kept coming up near the top as one of the requests," Rogers says, noting the RV maker gets a 40-percent rate of return on its questionnaires. It's a rare feature in a 20-foot trailer that should accommodate a variety of buyers, he says, from older customers to hunters who bring others along on trips. While the 1770 is the only new trailer Lance will debut next year, the entire towable line will be getting a new look inside. "Basically, what we're doing is transitioning all of our interior cabinetry from maple to driftwood, so from brown to gray," he says. "The 2075, which is the non-slide unit with a rear, U-shaped dinette and exterior kitchen that pulls out the back of the trailer, was launched in driftwood. Then, the 2445, which is a single-slide bunk model with double-size bunks in the back, came out in that color, too." Lance – now entering its 14th year of making travel trailers – is taking the next few months to transition the rest of its 12 floorplans to driftwood, according to Rogers, given that it's been such a big hit among customers. Another feature Lance will continue to roll out from the 2445 and 2075 is the ASA Electronics iN-Command Control System. Offered on those two models for the last six months, the system consists of an electronic keypad that allows owners to monitor tank levels, operate slides, control coach heating and cooling, and control the water pump and heater. It also includes an app so those functions can be addressed via smartphone. On the truck camper side, Lance will welcome its first new such model since the 650 half-ton model, and the company's No. 2 bestseller, debuted in 2016. Although Rogers says it's too early to offer much detail about it, the camper will be 9.5 feet long and designed for use on both short- and long-bed trucks. Production is slated to start in October and, like the 650, it won't have slides. Lance Marketing Director Bob Rogers says dealers can look forward to seeing a new truck camper and a new travel trailer, both without slides, from the California RV maker in 2021. Meanwhile, Lance will continue to roll out the ASA iN-Command Control System, allowing customers to remotely monitor systems on their RVs.

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