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inTech RV inTech continues to build off the momentum of its Luna trailers, as well as its Sol line – the latter which boasted the Horizon model as a new model last year. Keith Fishburn, sales manager at inTech RV, says the com- pany's smaller-size offerings remain popular for those interested in a portable, stowable trailer. Still, the RV maker decided to also provide a new option this year with the Terra line. "Over the past two years, we've been making the Sol line, and that moved us up into the travel trailer market," he explains. Fish- burn says the Terra shares some similarities with the Sol line but steps up the size range. "They will be 8-foot-wide units with dry baths in them, and they'll have north/south-facing queen-size beds with room to walk around them." Fishburn says that the slightly more spacious design makes it suitable for customers interested in a trailer that provides enough comfort for those slightly longer road trips from about one to two months. He adds that inTech most likely will offer an optional slide-out exterior kitchen on the first Terra model, as well as a standard awning. "On the inside, a 12-volt refrigerator is a starting point with an option to go to a three-way fridge," he says. inTech plans to release the first version of the Terra's floorplan this month, which Fishburn says will feature a 25-foot length for the overall unit. "From there, we've got some ideas of where it goes and (we may) open it up to being a family camper," he says, pointing to the possible addition of features like bunk layouts to accommodate families and children. The initial 25-foot model is estimated to have a dry weight of about 4,500 pounds. (Fishburn points out that the cap and windshield are still in the tooling process so, this final number is still approximate) and a GVWR weight closer to 7,000 pounds. Overall, Fishburn says inTech's typical "tilt-forward" design approach provides additional floor space inside the cabin and a panoramic windshield. PREVIEW 92 • RV PRO • September 2020 RV PRO ➤ NEW MODEL YEAR PREVIEW "Whatever size range we find ourselves in, whatever the floor- length is, we're able to gain another foot and a half to 2 feet of space with that design," he says. The Terra will be the largest trailer in the company's arsenal once it is released. In addition to the Terra, inTech plans to add a new model to the company's Flyer line, named the Discover. Fishburn says most models in that lineup can fit a motorcycle and standard-size ATVs, but don't typically have a lot of extra room. With the Discover, he says the trailer offers roughly 12 feet of floor space and a width of 7 feet. "Now you can fit your side-by-sides, your full-length motor- cycles, in the Discover," he says. Thanks to an increased head height of 6 feet, 9 inches, Discover also will be the first it the Flyer line to offer an interior kitchen. "So far, we've used a slide-out, exterior kitchen because none of them have an ideal head-height for standing inside," Fishburn adds. Outside of the Terra and the Discover additions, Fishburn says inTech plans to continue focusing on its launches from 2019. He points to one adjustment on the company's Luna trailer, which has been re-tooled for the new year. "It'll be the first teardrop trailer to have a plumbed-in cas- sette toilet on the front end of it," he says. "It plumbs into the 8.5-gallon freshwater tank. The cassette waste tank area has a door that opens from the exterior that slides right out so you can dispose of it." The company came up with the design after requests for RVers traveling in slightly more remote areas who wanted it a portable toilet option even if there wasn't as much room for extra privacy. Even with the cancellation of the in-person Open House, Fish- burn says inTech expects plenty of demand into 2021. "If you look at orders, we're already very booked out through the end of the year, into next year on most of our lines. From the ordering standpoint, it didn't really change much for us," he says, adding, "(It's been) a year where dealers are busy and under the gun as it is. Having to stay at home and being able to keep moving product may even perhaps turn out to be a positive." Keith Fishburn (at left), inTech sales manager, says that for 2021 the RV maker intends to offer a new model to the Flyer line, called Discover, which will offer expanded space for hauling toys and gear.

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