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54 THE SHOP OCTOBER 2020 W hen it comes to aftermarket gauges, what you see is what you get. And, if cus- tomers like what they seeā€¦ well, you get it. From technology-driven to classic styling, todays gauges offer restylers and car builders a wide variety of ways to tweak a vehicle's interior to the driver's exact specifications while also performing the important func- tion of monitoring critical data. Manufacturers offer a closer look at the trends driving the gauge market, tips for clean, rattle-free installations and their best guesses of what's to come. HIGH-TECH As with so many other products, tech- nology sets the pace for gauges. "Every new engine or transmission that comes out usually has new CAN info from the OBD-II to the latest wireless technology, and we as manufacturers must stay on top of it so our products will work properly," notes John McLeod, owner of Classic Instruments. "For instance, our new ZST (Zeus Speedometer Technology) is a learning software that adapts to almost all applications, and we do it without external or add-on boxes. It is built all within the cluster and is simple to wire and program, and we have added OLED screens for infor- mation and assistance in calibration to help the end user." When it comes to the information new gauges can supply, Lawson Mollica, director of marketing & public relations for AEM Performance Electronics, is a fan of CAN bus technology. "The growth of CAN bus connectivity has been really positive for the dash gauge I Like What I See The right gauge set helps customers feel at home & in control. By John Carollo Today's aftermarket gauges are designed to keep up with ever- changing new vehicle engine and electronics technology. (Photo courtesy Classic Instruments) Understanding the customer's plans for the vehicle will lead shops to the proper gauge setup. (Photo courtesy Classic Instruments)

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