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1 8 G R A P H I C S P R O O C T O B E R 2 0 2 0 G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M "This option should be a funda- mental part of any and every sales strategy," contends Harris. "Good, better, best options allow your cus- tomers to entertain multiple price points, or put another way, it pro- vides your client, regardless of bud- get restraints, an opportunity to place an order with you, as those op- tions give you a wider net to make that sale." Through this strategy, Harris says producers demonstrate to the cli- ent that they aren't necessarily pushing to make as much money as possible, but that they genuinely want to help. The approach can also help save time for the producer when it comes to drum- ming up quotes. With all three options al- ready presented, they can provide a rough estimate all in one fell swoop, instead of continually drawing up new work orders if the client changes their mind on which substrate they want. Producers can also effectively present the good, better, best set of options by having some examples on-hand. "Shar- ing visuals, such as sample finishes or images of signage examples with your client, is one of the best ways to define what look your client wants and where they are prepared to compromise," says Eady. "Once this is determined, you can be creative with the material type, depth, color, and finish to achieve an overall look that can be presented in several price points." Using these techniques to help cus- tomers with substrate selection can help maintain long-term clients and, ideally, help shops branch out to new customers who come to them by referral from exist- ing customers. Harris offers a parting thought about how the balance should always be be- tween education and profit with substrate recommendations. "Part of our jobs as industry guides and experts is to share and teach what we have learned and what our industry has to offer," he states. "If we are not taking the time to show our customers the variety of options that de- liver upon their needs, then we are doing them a disservice, and we are taking pos- sible sales, and even worse, profit off the table." GP MIKE CLARK is the contributing editor for GRAPHICS PRO and RV PRO magazines. He previously served as the associate editor for Printwear and Sign & Digital Graphics magazines. Contact him at Shops should make sure they are upselling on substrates only when it brings additional value to the final product. (Image courtesy Gemini) Depending on the client's desired look and designated location for the finished product, sign makers may be able to use non-metal materials like this flat-cut acrylic sign painted gold for a metallic appearance. (Image courtesy Gemini)

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