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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M 2 0 2 0 O C T O B E R G R A P H I C S P R O 7 3 As mentioned, a CO 2 laser is also great for making small mini-stud mount hard- ware items, which are glued on the back side of acrylic letters and logo parts. Us- ing either tiny nails, or actual push pins as sharp little studs, we can make as many of these mini-studs as we need. These small parts can be made from the same acrylic the letters are made from, out of acrylic that is closer to the color of the wall, or even cut from clear acrylic. These small acrylic blocks or discs can be glued together to double the offset from the wall. Typically, if using small nails, the nail heads are trapped between layers. The laser not only cuts the acrylic into these small parts, but drills the holes and engraves a small recess for the nail heads to fit into. If using actual push pins, which fortunately are also acrylic plastic, small disks or blocks are cut with a center hole that fits the push pin stem diameter when the push ends are snipped off with wire cutter pliers. We've made hundreds of these ultra- sharp little stud mounts for wall mount- ing acrylic letters and logos. This type of install hardware expedites installs since the letters or logo parts are merely pressed into a painted and textured sheet rock wall. Typically, no drilling or gluing is required. As mentioned, many of our indoor wall displays may have a metallic film coating, some have coloring added with vinyls, and some may even be painted. If a letter needs to be super realistic as a metal look- alike, after coating with metallic film and cutting on the laser, the premask is left on the surface, and the edges of each part are sprayed with silver-, brass-, or gold-col- ored spray can paint to match the surface color of the parts. It is difficult to tell that these acrylic parts are not real cut metal when done that way. Print finishing driving you crazy? Maybe you have the wrong equipment. Laminating and mounting signs, banners, POP graphics, and vehicle graphics don't have to be labor intensive. Ask Gfp. We've made it our business to take the expense and drudgery out of finishing. Features you need…at prices you can afford • Systems that fit your business and budget • Easy-to-operate equipment • Local technical support • Online application and operator training • Available through dealers nationwide You won't believe how effortless finishing can be. It's as easy as G-f-p. Proven performance. Professional results. Affordably priced. Email us at to find a dealer near you. Visit to learn more.

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