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42 • RV PRO • October 2020 rv-pro.com oil – we always do the right thing." Bortles adds, "We don't sell products that don't actually benefit a customer. If we believe in a product, then we'll sell it. And what we sell, we have on our own, personal RVs. "And we often share personal sto- ries and experiences with customers on different products, such as the time my generator failed in the middle of August, which was when I broke even on my ser- vice contract – it builds a lot of trust. We both hunt and fish, which a lot of our customers do in our region, so we're relatable to them." 'Business Manager of the Year' Award Bortles entered the F&I arena with a background in automotive, first as a lot attendant, then working her way up through the back office. She eventu- ally joined the RV industry, where she became a general sales manager before getting into F&I. Nelson has been in F&I for seven years after first starting his industry career as an RV technician and then as salesperson. Both say they have benefited and grown their career success with the advice and teachings of Campbell and U.S. Compliance Academy. "U.S. Compliance Academy has been very valuable," Nelson says. "I can call Chuck anytime with questions and he always answers. He holds us accountable and will call on a customer if we need him to. We always pride ourselves on doing the right thing by following all compliances and regulations." So much so, that U.S. Academy Com- pliance presented its fifth-annual "Business Manager of the Year" award to Bortles and Nelson for 2019. "It was recognition for doing our job well," Nelson says. "It solidified all the hard work – it's a tough, tough job – and to reach that milestone is an honor." The award is centered on a matrix of dealer accomplishments related to com- pliance efforts of its F&I departments, Campbell explains, adding that a "business manager" and "F&I manager" are inter- changeable terms in today's RV industry. The award recognizes a business man- ager who fulfills a duty of what should be expected in a traditional dealership environment. "They are in the most vulnerable posi- tion to be assailed by regulatory agencies if they aren't compliant and protective of consumers' non-public information (NPI), such as Social Security numbers, etc.," Campbell says. "We search for those who perform their job diligently and present products properly, which include full product disclosures." U.S. Compliance Academy has a selec- tion of dealers, F&I managers and industry leaders who it relies on to share with them leading business managers as candidates for the award. "We will narrow the list down from more than 100 to three, then we'll select the winning candidate," Campbell says. "It's a difficult process because there are so many fantastic managers out there. We also encourage dealers to contact us to consider their own business managers for the award and we'll evaluate them for contention." The award is presented as a plaque for office display for consumer credibility and assurances. "It's a great leverage tool to highlight their professionalism that's recognized and accepted within the industry," says Campbell, adding that the selection is made in November and the honor is awarded in December. U.S. Compliance Academy has been conducting compliance with All Seasons RV for more than 10 years, according to Campbell. " We w o r k w i t h m o re t h a n 1 0 0 dealers across the country, and their dealership is among the top ones overall – from the way they treat their cus- tomers and their beautiful facility to their service department and commu- nity involvement," he says. "It's no surprise that their staff would win a nationally recognized award." Bortles and Nelson are pictured receiving their awards for 2019 Business Manager of the Year from Charles Campbell, the senior instructor of F&I for U.S. Compliance Academy, which provides compliance training for dealership F&I personnel. (Photo courtesy of Charles Campbell/ U.S. Compliance Academy)

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