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72 • RV PRO • October 2020 rv-pro.com RV I N S I G H T Being Proactive vs. Reactive in Challenging Times COVID-19 led to some unusual times, spurring extra RV sales. As unit sales start to cool, it's imperative that dealerships to get back to basics and embrace best practices. A s human beings, we must focus in order to be proactive in normal times – so how can we be proactive in challenging times? It isn't easy! Most of us have a natural, in-born trait – and that is to be reactive. Just think about it – when a stranger smiles at you – what do you do, instinctively? Yes, smile back! But isn't that just being polite? Yes, of course it is. So, what do you when a customer raises their voice? Most of us will naturally raise ours also. We can't help it. Right now, dealers are faced with many things that are out of their control. Sure, May, June, July and August (for most dealers) were record-breaking months, so why worry about anything else? During those extraordinarily busy times, dealers really didn't have an option to do any- thing but react. Due to the outside forces con- trolling buyers and customers – and due to the fact dealers were overwhelmed with the sheer number of customers – it took all their efforts and time to try and capture as much business as humanly possible. Because of these record-breaking months, dealers are now faced with some different challenges: • A shortage of inventory • Fewer customers • Customers who are not as easy to deal with If you haven't made the conscious change already to become more proactive again, let's talk about different ways you can accomplish this, and what to expect as a result. Get Back to Basics This sounds like a worn-out saying, yet in my dealings with many dealers across North America, it is desperately needed right now: Dealers have to get back to basics. Dealers have to be proactive. Yes, it sounds like dealers are being reactive to the current As RV selling conditions slow, it's imperative that dealers return to the best practices that made them successful in the first place, which includes putting the focus on an RV's benefits rather than its features, as well as following through with customers who don't buy on their first visit. By Michael Rees Michael Rees is the president of A Word of Training, a Valrico, Fla.- based firm that provides parts, service, sales, F&I and management training to industry professionals in the RV, auto and marine industries. For more information, visit https:// aworldoftraining.com.

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