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rv-pro.com October 2020 • RV PRO • 75 One of the main reasons it went away is that so many cus- tomers bought – so dealers didn't have many unsold customers to follow-up with! Unfortunately, bad habits are made in good times. So, now most salespeople are in the habit of not following up. Here's a number to think about: 90 percent of customers who leave a dealership without buying are never followed up with. And 91 percent of those customers ultimately buy. Being proactive means following up with every single customer – better than anyone else. At a World of Training, we train our dealers and salespeople to use today's technology to get the best results. In particular, video can be the best form of communication, as you can show your non-verbal communication and your customers can hear your voice inflections. They are also able to see the camper they were looking at again. Videos can be edited for better viewing and increased response, then either emailed or texted to customers within 15 to 20 min- utes of them leaving the dealership. (Note: The video should not be long. You need to consider what you want to have happen as a result of sending this communication.) Most times, you want to get the customer on the phone so you can talk to them more about either coming back in or putting a deal together. So, make sure you have a call to action in the video. For example, "I have some very important information to share with you, so call me as soon as you get this video, at 555-555-1212." Also, keep the camera movement to a minimum. Make the video easy to watch. Getting someone to hold the camera for you will go a long way to help with this. There is a reason why the customer didn't buy while they were at the dealership. You need to find out that reason and see if you can do something to help the customer get what they came in for in the first place – a new RV! The reason for so little follow-up is that we, as salespeople, hate to be told "no". So, by not following up, we don't get to hear the word "no". However, we also don't get to hear the word "yes!" The most successful dealers and salespeople are the ones who are diligent with their follow up. Customers want to know that you want their business. It makes them feel important! To summarize: It is going to take a lot of effort and being proactive to put things back in place. Bad habits take 15 to 21 times to break, then another 15 to 21 times to form the good habits again. Do it now – don't wait. There are customers out there who deserve more than order takers. Be the selling machines you were before the surge happened!

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