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78 • RV PRO • October 2020 rv-pro.com it is inexpensive enough to give it to them when they leave. Once COVID-19 is safely behind us, you might think about adding a coffee/tea bar. Beverages can be offered after the customer receives the initial welcome, and once they have had a chance to look around and has shown an interest in shopping. (It can feel like too much of a commitment to accept something to drink upon arrival.) Most people who have just walked in will say "no" and then, as they keep shopping, may feel the desire for something to drink but have already turned down the offer. Some people are good at taking care of themselves and will ask for something, but the majority will figure they missed their chance. I suggest adding a coffee/tea bar with hot water and some caffeinated and non-caffeinated choices of both coffee and tea. Also, regular sugar, Equal (or whatever your choice) and Stevia. The coffee/tea area can work well near your checkout area, so it can be pointed out to your customers by your staff. A self-serve refrigerator is a plus for warmer weather. That's where the bottled waters can go including, plain carbonated water. Consider a Small Gift with Select Purchases I recently purchased a pair of eyeglasses from a local store (MyOptic) in Portland. They were relatively inexpensive compared to most of the frames they carry. When I went to pick them up, they were presented to me in a dark gray felt presentation box along with a cleaning cloth, a small bottle of lens cleaner, the eyeglass case and a small wrapped dark chocolate. It was such a lovely surprise and made my shopping experience memorably positive. Also, knowing that my glasses weren't top of the line, the experience was even better as I was given a treat even at my lower price point. I suggest thinking about a "bento box" experience for when a customer buys an RV or large/ expensive accessory. You may want to limit the gift for purchases over a certain dollar amount – that's up to you. It's fun, memorable and people love something for free. I suggest small items, such as an over-the-door hook, depending on the cost. Of course, add some other things that make sense to you and your customers. What else can you do to make your store feel fresh? If you have white walls, they may need to be washed or repainted at least every other year. Definitely washed once a year. While it doesn't have to be expensive, it can be time-consuming to move merchandise to make it do-able. Dirty or stained white walls – or any color walls – visually degrade the perceived worth of your merchandise and your ability to help maintain expensive spas. Fall feels like a new year and new beginnings. We espe- cially need that in 2020. Any of these ideas will add growth to your sales and positive memories of your store in the minds of your customers. (866) 847-8330 www.daysdistribution.com Elkhart, IN We offer scalable public, dedicated, on demand warehousing with robust warehouse management systems and RF capabilities to meet all of your storage and 3PL needs. Conviently located in Northern Indiana, one hour East of Chicago Have Storage & 3PL Needs ?

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