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NOVEMBER 2020 THE SHOP 17 C an you make progress during a pan- demic? We asked a number of shops what they are doing differently now as opposed to pre-COVID-19, and how they are dealing with challenges such as changing consumer habits and supply chain disruptions. It turns out that some companies have been significantly affected, while others haven't. "The new normal for our store is that we've taken extra measures to have a more sanitary environment for our customers," says Dawson D. Druesedow, president of Wichita Falls, Texas' 4Wheel Performance. "This includes hand sanitization after trans- actions, wiping down the sales counter and displays with antimicrobial wipes, and keeping a safe distance from our customers during transactions. We've also hired a com- pany to disinfect and spray an antimicrobial product in our facility every eight weeks." Another Texas shop readied for a down- turn over the summer that never arrived. "Honestly, for us, not much has changed," states Collin Hadley, president of Maximum Elevation Off Road in Paris, Texas. "Our revenue and workflow actually increased significantly. We were expecting a slowdown and kept waiting and waiting and waiting, and it never came. So, I quit holding back." PROGRESS DURING A P A N D E M I C NOVEMBER 2020 THE SHOP 17 How shops are adapting in these strange times. By Jason R. Sakurai This "throwback" 2019 Ford F-250 is a reminder of how vibrant the truck mar- ket remains. (Photo courtesy 4Wheel Performance) Coronavirus Update Resurgent interest in the import performance market has been good for M2 Motoring. (Photo by Larry Chen)

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