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24 THE SHOP NOVEMBER 2020 A n interesting career path led Seth Burgett to owning Gateway Bronco—a journey that undoubt- edly started at age 12, when he started a small machine repair shop. Burgett's lifelong interest in tinkering with machinery started with lawn mower engines and blossomed from there. By age 17 he had saved up enough money to buy a 1966 Ford Mustang, which he still has today. After graduating from college, he joined McDonnell Douglas, working on the C-17 Globemaster aircraft project. There he learned valuable lessons on producing low-volume, high-quality products. In 2000 he switched to medical robotic projects, where he earned some of his 40-plus patents. He then started a company in 2008 making ear buds designed for ath- letes—he actually built his first prototypes at home using the kitchen oven and a pizza pan to test various mold designs. He later sold the business, Yurbuds, to JBL Audio and then had the opportunity to return to the automotive market. Burgett had started to buy some older Cobras and Broncos and noticed that, while the Cobra market was mostly stag- nant, the first-generation Broncos always seemed to draw public interest. His wife pointed out that the Broncos smelled gassy, were drafty and rattled, spurring Burgett to envision an SUV with a Bronco look and a Land Rover Sport luxurious feel. He toyed with having local builders make over his classics, but was surprised to learn Bucking Gateway Bronco finds a niche bringing old Fords back to life. By Mark C. Bach the Trends Gateway Bronco offers high-end, original-paint Ford Bronco restorations with modern amenities in three basic build options. Seth Burgett started Gateway Bronco after recognizing that nationwide interest in first-generation Ford Broncos always seemed to be high.

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