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28 THE SHOP NOVEMBER 2020 he is proud to offer a multi-year warranty for the Broncos and to date he has delivered more than 50, with 50 more on order. Burgett scours the country for original- paint Broncos and believes that these dia- monds in the rough offer the best oppor- tunity to be donor SUVs. By tearing into the donors at the start, the idea is to "make the unknowns known" and avoid surprises down the line. Typically, these Broncos have had fewer modifications over the years, and he finds less body filler and questionable repairs on them. He has developed relationships with suppliers and has had no issues with supply and delivery of critical components, he reports. A typical Gateway build includes a new Ford Coyote engine or one modded by ROUSH Performance and takes eight weeks to roll off the assembly line. The shop does everything in-house other than sewing, though the crew still performs the actual interior install. IN-HOUSE QUALITY Burgett knows that the best way to control quality is to perform the task in-house. For example, he bought a powder-coating com- pany and moved the equipment, including a 30-foot booth, into his shop. That way, he explains, he could not only control the quality of the workmanship, but also schedule the work to suit his shop's needs. Gateway's New F-Series pickups Reimagined 1967-'72 Ford F-Series trucks will soon be rolling out of Gateway Bronco, as Ford Motor Co. has licensed the company to transform heritage F-100, F-150 and F-250 pickups using modern supercharged drivetrains, suspensions and amenities. "So many people love the craftmanship and value of our restomod Ford Broncos that they're asking us to build a modernized classic Ford pickup," says Seth Burgett, CEO of Gateway Bronco. "When we approached Ford Motor Co. with the con- sumer requests, they quickly issued us a license to fulfill that worldwide demand. So, we will begin fast-tracking our first commission for an enthusiast who wants to put a reimagined 1969 Ford F-250 crew cab next to the Ford Bronco that we rebuilt for him." Vintage SUVs and pickups are among the most popular vehicles on the market. According to the Hagerty Price Guide, values for F-Series pickups are up 41% since 2017. Like Gateway's Bronco offerings, the restomod F-Series Ford pickups will start with a street-legal truck and then feature: • A naturally aspirated Gen 3 Ford 5.0L V-8 and 10-speed automatic transmission • Pushbutton 4x4 control • Powder-coated, custom-designed 4-link chassis • Pushbutton Active Control Exhaust • Leather interiors including American Bison, hair on hide or distressed bench seats • Genuine barn wood bed Options include a 7.3L Ford V-8 with twin turbos or Harrop USA supercharger with Eaton TVS Technology, and an Eaton Performance differential package fea- turing an Eaton ELocker front differential and a Detroit Truetrac rear differential for ultimate traction performance. Bucking the Trends For a typical build, Burgett likes to first sit down with the customer and listen to how they intend to use their restored Bronco before offering suggestions. Gateway Bronco is now build- ing restomod 1967-'72 Ford F-Series trucks.

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