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30 THE SHOP NOVEMBER 2020 workers need to be let go every year. This allows him to regenerate the workforce with fresh employees and encourages the staff to produce quality work. Gateway Bronco sold its first SUV after displaying it at the 2017 Barrett-Jackson auction in Arizona. And, as soon as the National Highway Traffic Safety Admin- istration finalizes the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act build rules, he has already secured licensing from Ford to produce new continuation Broncos. For now, his company offers two other options for customers—they can utilize a donor car and restore it as needed and desired, or start with a new chassis and sheet metal and build a new Bronco with a new, state-assigned VIN. Burgett encourages other builders to focus on their strengths. He suggests hiring someone else to handle the office work so the builder can focus solely on being creative. He followed that advice himself An Electric Bronco for Charity Gateway Bronco teamed up with online fundraising plat- form Omaze to offer auto enthusiasts a unique prize—an electric classic Ford Bronco (plus $20,000 in cash)—to benefit Big League Impact, a nonprofit started by St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright. "The custom heritage Gateway eBronco is the ultimate restomod," says Seth Burgett, CEO of Gateway Bronco. "It combines the timelessness of a heritage Ford Bronco body with a modern, high-tech electric drivetrain that boasts about twice the horsepower of the V-8 SUV when it was introduced in 1966. Yet Gateway Bronco's SUV has zero emissions. The fun factor is in full force with the rock-climbing torque and traditional 5-speed manual transmission, and it delivers guilt-free driving with its green powertrain. Plus, the Gateway heritage eBronco can deliver an amazing 200 miles of range." Omaze offers dream-come-true prizes and experiences to support charities around the world. Through the Omaze platform, people from more than 180 countries have made donations to support the work of over 350 charities. "We're thrilled to continue our partnership with Gateway Bronco and support Big League Impact with this unique campaign," said Hannah Kamran, head of strategic partner- ships at Omaze. "We're honored to be able to help fund the work of Big League Impact in this way, as they serve communities who need their support now more than ever." Bucking the Trends A typical Gateway build includes a new Ford Coyote engine or one modded by ROUSH Performance and takes eight weeks to roll off the "assembly line." Gateway Bronco teamed up with online fundraising platform Omaze to offer auto enthusiasts a unique prize—an electric classic Ford Bronco.

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