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NOVEMBER 2020 THE SHOP 51 into Pro Audio Center with his new 2020 Sea Hunt 275 Ultra SE looking for better sound, Ham and his team were ready, starting with KICKER marine components. "This boat was brought to us for a major stereo upgrade only a few days after it was delivered new to the owner," Ham recalls. "Our customer wanted much more volume than the stock system, but he also wanted to be sure that the system would sound super-clear and well-balanced at any volume. He admitted to us up-front that he would be super-picky about the quality of the install, but that he also trusted us to fully meet his expectations." The Pro Audio installation team was surprised at how well the Sea Hunt was constructed. "This is a very well-built boat," Ham says, "and we wanted our installation to complement or exceed the OEM build quality. Special care was taken to make sure all added components were well-secured and protected to withstand years in a harsh marine environment, while delivering optimum audio performance." Among the quality touches was a custom reinforcement panel that was built behind the free-air subwoofers, strengthening the mounting wall to improve low-frequency sound and ensure mounting integrity. The Sea Hunt KICKER equipment list included: • KXMA1200.2 two-channel 1200W marine-grade amplifier • KXMA800.5 five-channel 800W marine- grade amplifier • A pair of KMTC9 9-inch horn-loaded tower speakers • Three pairs of KM654L 6.5-inch marine-grade coaxial speakers with LED lighting • Two KFM104 10-inch free-air marine- grade subwoofers • A pair of 10-inch marine LED sub- woofer grilles • A wireless LED lighting controller It's no surprise that Pro Audio nailed it. "When the customer picked up the boat, and after his first weekend out on the water, he stated numerous times that he is very pleased with how his system performs and the quality of the installation," Ham reports.

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