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NOVEMBER 2020 THE SHOP 69 to suspension components as an example. "Shops should always make sure to research which parts work best for achieving the customer's goals." Perkins agrees that knowledge and experi- ence are important for long-term success. "Learn late-model engine tech, mounting solutions and the products available to make installations simpler and less labor- intensive," he recommends. "We still see shops fabricating motor mounts and building custom setups when those prod- ucts exist on the shelf in extremely eco- nomical packages." While the market is easily identifiable, each build is unique, meaning the first order of business is understanding the customer's plans for their vehicle. "The best tip we can offer shops that are getting requests for Pro-Touring-type builds is to ask as many questions as pos- sible," Hamrick suggests. "What amount of street, autocross or track use will the car see? What are the customer's aspirations for the performance of the car? What creature comforts does the customer want—maybe air conditioning and a loud stereo system? What does the owner drive daily? What level of driver is the owner—a novice, intermediate or pro? If you ask the right questions, you can narrow down the parts and those parts' level of performance versus what the customer wants, and wants to pay for." Knowing those parts means knowing the companies that make them, says Mantle. "Something shops can do to better-serve this market is to provide quality and repu- table products that offer not just a range of options, but come from brands that provide the service you expect." Baty agrees. "The biggest thing is knowing the prod- ucts you are selling. We have different levels of clutches for use in different applications. Knowing the intended use of the vehicle Pro-Touring customers look for products that can stand up to the rigors of aggressive driving. (Photos courtesy Wilwood) Wilwood has been a part of Chad Ryker's 1968 Camaro build, which has competed as part of the OPTIMA Search for the Ul- timate Street Car series. (Photo courtesy Wilwood/ Chad Ryker) of Radiant Heat 90 % Blocks Enter code SHOP20 to receive 20% off your order at Enter code SHOP20 to receive 20% off your order at Enter code SHOP20 to receive 20% off your order at HEAT & SOUND INSULATION WITH ADHESIVE BACKING THE BEST IN HEAT & SOUND INSULATION (800) 274-8437 Available at: THE SUPPRESSOR THERMO GUARD THERMO SLEEVES EXPRESS SLEEVES WITHSTANDS RADIANT HEAT UP TO 2000˚

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