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70 THE SHOP NOVEMBER 2020 Promise Pro-Touring of The will help the shop provide the correct product. It's much easier to sell a product when you know it inside and out and use it yourself." Finally, with such one-of-a-kind builds, it pays to make each client feel special. "Focus on facilitating the customer's needs by going above and beyond," says Ortega. "Working on a Pro-Touring project will require an abundance of time, resources and money. This will naturally create an expectation from the customer for premium service and high-quality products. Collabo- rating with the customer will enable you to deliver an experience with a personalized and custom-tailored approach." SHOW-OFFS If it seems manufacturers are more involved with Pro-Touring builds these days, you're right. This market is a great platform for that kind of customer-shop-supplier interaction. We asked our sources about any special projects that stand out. "Our 1966 Corner Horse Mustang was an in-house Pro-Touring build," says Holley's Perkins. "It incorporates everything that defines a current-era Pro-Touring build, from the Detroit Speed and Engineering suspension and 275mm front and 335mm rear tires through the late-model Coyote engine swap and modern Holley EFI." Hamrick details another memorable vehicle. "A great example of a successful Pro- Touring build Wilwood Disc Brakes has been a part of for more than seven years is Chad Ryker's 1968 Camaro. When we first met Chad, the car had a sloppy 12-bolt in it. He then put new-style Ford flanges with large bearing axles in the car. After get- ting the car and himself faster each event, he realized that brake piston knockback was an issue for him to excel and go faster during autocross and track days. The past two seasons he has been using a Currie 9-inch Pro-Touring rear end, which has helped him get faster track times because it helps minimize any piston knockback. Pumping the brake pedal after each turn takes time, and full-floating rear ends and brake kits Wilwood designs for this style of rear end are crucial for a driver to experi- ence the best-performing brakes possible." Successful projects breed more projects for builders who get it right, notes AERO Exhaust's Ortega. "Throughout the years, I've had the great opportunity to work with some very tal- ented builders. Two, in particular, that stand out from the rest are Ronnie and Ron Olson. They are a father-and-son duo with artistic personalities. Their level of craftsmanship, creativity and keen eyes for perfection is widely recognized throughout Northern California. Their 1969 F-body is one of my personal favorites, and always turns heads at local car shows and tracks." Speedtech's Foremaster loves the recep- tion quality Pro-Touring cars get, at tracks and shows alike. "We built a '69 Camaro, Hex, that was featured at the Goodguys Summer of '69 display of 1969 Camaros at the Columbus National Show. It's a beautiful car that is not only eye-catching, but also over 800 Some 50-year-old Pro-Touring cars have better technology than modern machines. (Photos courtesy Speedtech Performance) There is a lot of science and geometry that goes into proper functioning of a Pro-Tour- ing vehicle. (Photos courtesy Speedtech Performance)

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