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74 THE SHOP NOVEMBER 2020 Promise Pro-Touring of The As both a build shop and a chassis builder, Foremaster says Speedtech Per- formance has seen steady demand as drivers look to spend more time than ever with their vehicles. "As a whole, in the automotive after- market world people have been allowed extra time they never had before and are now finding themselves out in the garage working on the projects they haven't had the time to work on before. The Pro- Touring world is all about getting out and pushing your build to the limits, so now that we have had time to work on the cars, we just need events to open back up so we can go drive fast!" Perkins notes how, historically, societal challenges have sometimes spurred auto- motive development. "Soldiers who wrenched on the front lines in WWII created one of the greatest generations of gear- heads, practically inventing the hot-rod scene," he says. "Who can say what the future holds, but right now, a lot of folks— young and old—have been able to spend a lot more time in a garage, working with their hands." For Pro-Touring fans, 2020 hasn't dented their dedication, Ortega notes. "Regardless of this ongoing pandemic, builders and enthusiasts remain very pas- sionate about their builds and will con- tinue to feed their hobby. For many of us, working on our cars has been a great outlet to decompress." And, of course, better days are likely just around the corner. "I'm excited to see what happens next year, as many participants have had time to either finish or refine their vehicles," Baty says. "With that extra prep time, I think the classes will be larger an d m ore diverse. It should make for some really great racing." Shops should offer quality and reputable products to find success with Pro-Touring customers. (Photos courtesy Wheel-1/The Wheel Group) You'll find these vehi- cles everywhere, from the strip and autocross track to cruise-ins and car shows.

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