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NOVEMBER 2020 THE SHOP 87 9, 2010, right after Young had given a speech at the SEMA Show, the car's charging system caught fire. After the fire, Lincvolt was sent to Roy Brizio Street Rods in San Francisco where, according to Brizio, "we worked with Bruce Falls of AVL (California Technical Center) in Lake Forest, California. We did the mechanical work such as fitting the Ford Atkinson engine that acts as the generator and the low-voltage part while AVL handled the electronics and the high-voltage system. There's a large elec- tric motor under the backseat and the whole of the transmission tunnel is stacked with batteries. I've never even driven a Tesla, but even weighing 7,800 pounds this thing is a rocket off the line and quiet, too." If classic electro-mods, as some people call them, ever needed publicity, it came in 2018 with the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The royal couple drove from the wedding cer- emony at Windsor Castle to the reception at Frogmore House in a vintage-but-all-electric Jaguar E-Type XKE—a distance of 1.9 miles. Costing almost $500,000, the Concept Zero was one of a limited production built by a new joint restoration arm of Jaguar and Land Rover (JLR) called Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works. Such was the interest after the wedding that JLR decided to put the E-Type (does the E stand for electric?) into limited production. The stock Jag drivetrain was replaced with an electric motor where the trans used to be and a 40kWh battery where the engine used to be. The electric motor drives the original rear differential. JLR says there are no irreversible mods to the chassis, so, theoretically, you could swap it all back to original when the power goes out. There are numerous companies out there offering electric conver- sions for classic cars. One is Electric Classic Cars in the UK, which has converted everything from an original Fiat 500 to VW Beetles and Range Rovers. Meanwhile, down under in Australia, Tim Harrison, an electric vehicle charging infrastructure planner for Evie Networks, wanted a Tesla but couldn't afford one. That is, until a wrecked Model X came along. Why not, thought Harrison, take the wreck and utilize the battery pack in a vintage 1965 Mk1 Ford Cortina? Harrison, of Charged Garage, swapped out the Cortina's original 1,500cc inline four and replaced it with a NetGain Hyper 9 electric motor and the Tesla's battery pack. "The Tesla's 28kWh battery pack is large enough to get a decent range of 112 miles (180km), but not too heavy or bulky to compro- mise the suspension and weight distribution that is exactly 50/50," he Charge Automotive ( is a British company taking orders for electric 1967 Mustangs powered with components from its partner Arrival Ltd. DEALER & DISTRIBUTOR INQUIRIES WELCOME 800.264.9472 • KEEP UP TEMPS BETWEEN RACES KEEP UP TEMPS BETWEEN RACES SPRINT CAR SPRINT CAR ENGINE COVER ENGINE COVER CAN LAY DIRECTLY ON HEADERS! CAN LAY DIRECTLY ON HEADERS! KEEP UP TEMPS BETWEEN RACES SPRINT CAR ENGINE COVER CAN LAY DIRECTLY ON HEADERS!

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