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31 S T A R T H E R E 2 0 2 0 Put it into practice! Follow along with this tutorial on graphics-pro. com and learn how to sublimate a full-bleed mug using a convection oven and shrink wrap: • Ghosting can occur if not careful when removing shrink wrap and image. • If shrink wrap has wrinkles in it, it can show through on the mug. • If shrink wrap isn't removed quickly, it may adhere to the substrate and become difficult to take off. Note: • Never use your house oven or an oven that you cook in, as the gases from the sublimation permeate the walls and possibly contaminate the food you eat. • When purchasing an oven, note that it must be a convection oven, not a toaster oven. • All mugs after sublimating need to be cooled down quickly, otherwise they continue to sublimate and cause ghosting or blowouts. It is best to get a small fan or cooling plate. Some use warm water to cool the mug down quickly, though it can cause hairline fractures in the glazing that may not be seen until after using the mug. • You can't use just any white mug to sublimate; it must be a specially coated mug that receives sublima- tion ink. Other convection ovens that have been recommended by some of the major vendors and end-users are the Hamilton Beach XL, the Black and Decker, and Cuisinart; however, I can only speak from experience with the Breville. With several ways to start sublimating mugs, and price points to start at, there is no reason to wait. Contact your local vendor and get started today. Create More, Make More with hard surface sublimation Find how-tos, graphics, market ideas and more at Unisub is a registered trademark of Universal Woods, Inc. ©2020

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