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Direct-to-Substrate S T A R T H E R E 2 0 2 0 Roll-To-Roll Printing DYE-SUB MARKET CONTINUES TO GROW Mike Syverson, textile manager, North America at Durst Image Technology U.S., says textile printing, dye-sublimation in particular, is still growing rapidly as print buyers look for ways to improve the look of their brand and reduce costs while doing so. "Dye-sub is great for this as it can dras- tically reduce shipping and installation costs to print buyers and end users. On the roll-to-roll front, this can be a solid alternative to many applications. There are still many cases where a more tra- ditional (UV) roll-to-roll application makes sense, such as SAV applications, banner applications where textile will not work, or film applications, for example." PRODUCTION CAPABILITIES Larry D'Amico, sales direc- tor, North America at Durst Image Technology U.S. adds that advance- ments in inkjet are almost always about speed and quality, but as the market matures, customers are getting more sophisticated as to what they want in the roll-to-roll technology and are looking beyond these qualities. "In the end it is about the printers' ability to print for weeks and months and not just how fast they can produce one job. The trend is to understand how many times you need to stop a machine dur- ing production. Aspects like ink purge, roll adjustments, and changeovers are becoming critical elements. These fac- tors combined with general printer up- time have become key buying criteria." FLYING HIGH Sohil Singh, manager of opera- tions, North America at Stratojet USA in Pico Rivera, California, points out that the UV industry is booming and there have been a lot of enhancements that has expanded the applications in the category. "Roll-to-roll continues to provide shops with a plethora of opportunities such as fabric printing, banners, and backlit signage." (Image courtesy of bluemedia) Stratojet's Sohil Singh points out that the Falcon XL 330 offers the best of both worlds. "The UV roll-to-roll is perfectly suited to print fabric and vinyl applications that are up to 10 feet in width or multiple smaller rolls simultaneously," he adds.(Image courtesy of Stratojet USA) 34

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