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S T A R T H E R E 2 0 2 0 35 He says the company recently intro- duced a new printer called the Falcon XL 330, which is the company's first 3.3 meter, 10-foot-wide machine. "This printer offers the best of both worlds. The UV roll-to-roll is perfectly suited to print fabric and vinyl applications that are up to 10 feet in width or multiple smaller rolls simultaneously. Users can also print a variety of roll media without pinch rollers using CMYK and white UV curable inks that adhere to nearly anything at high quality with over 1200 DPI output," explains Singh. He points out that the printer offers two-roll capability where users can load multiple rolls to increase productivity and efficiency for their business. "Air rods sta- bilize the media and maintain a consistent feed regardless of the weight of the media. It prints two different types of media without having to worry about curing." He adds that the Falcon XL 330 also offers an instant backlit control system. "This assists users in monitoring back- lit prints in real time with a dual light box setup. The first light box helps them inspect for any banding or color issues, helping in the reduction of waste of media, time, and money. The second light box shows the finished output and works as a secondary inspection point, providing an overall more efficient back- lit solution." Singh notes that the company cur- rently has 12 installs in the U.S. "We have gotten a great response on the machine from our customers." UPGRADING FEATURES "We are always adding features that improve speed and quality. Over the last year we have added a boost print- ing mode to provide faster output at top speeds," says Syverson at Durst. "In addi- tion, we have enabled a high resolution printing mode to output at high resolu- tion and extremely high quality levels. Special features like Heptic print modes and multilayer printing have also been added to give our customers new capabil- ity with our roll-to-roll printers." In the end it is about the printers' ability to print for weeks and months and not just how fast they can produce one job. "We found Durst equipment to be a great fit for us with its high speed, quality, and reliability that supports our end result," says Hayes Holzhauer of bluemedia. (Image courtesy of bluemedia)

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