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Direct-to-Substrate 54 Screen Printing MEASURING IT With a system in place, it's impor- tant to cultivate a shop environment where employees understand the importance behind the tools they're using, Landesman says. "As the saying goes, 'what gets measured gets done,'" he elaborates. "That makes things like sign-out sheets helpful for accountability and tracking." Getting employees to minimize waste and act like they are the ones buying each gallon of ink is a matter of company cul- ture, Landesman adds. Getting buy-in from staff takes on many forms, like discussing the environmental impact of wastefulness, as well as the overall impact on the health of the business. Markey suggests measuring consum- ables used against results to reinforce this culture. "For instance, we find it easiest to measure reclaim and chemical usage," he says. "Take the number of screens reclaimed over a given period of time and reference the amount of chemicals used to achieve that result. You should get a pretty good idea of normal usage after about 250-300 reclaims." Ideally, if a shop keeps in mind that every tool comes back to helping their bottom line, they'll be on the right path to growing a successful business. Howe stresses, "(Shop tools) are small expendi- tures that bring big dividends," and the more decorators keep this in mind, the smoother operations will run. Having an organizational system for all shop tools and accessories is crucial. (Image courtesy Easiway Systems) S T A R T H E R E 2 0 2 0

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