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67 S T A R T H E R E 2 0 2 0 Shirt #1 Shirt #2 Shirt #3 Grams Required 40 25 12 White Print Results Worst Better Best Cost Per 14" x 14" $ 0.53 $ 0.33 $ 0.16 Cost Per Shirt $ 2.56 $ 2.20 $ 3.50 Total Cost w/pretreatment $ 3.18 $ 2.53 $ 3.66 THE RESULTS Our controlled test printing revealed some interesting results when we took a look at the how the individual shirts responded to the pretreatments and the resulting white ink prints that we were able to achieve. We would have expected the lower cost shirt (shirt 2) to be the poorest per- forming shirt out of the three tested due to its lower price point and the highest shirt to provide the best printing surface. What we did find might change the way you think about shirts and what customers require for their jobs. • Shirt 1: 35+ grams and the worst per- former of the three tested. It would require more ink and PT to achieve a comparable white print. • Shirt 2: 25+ grams and good, accept- able white, but not nearly as smooth or white as shirt 3. • Shirt 3: 10-15 grams and beautiful, optically white, smooth print. MORE THAN JUST THE COST Why did shirt 1 require almost three times the amount of pretreatment of shirt 3 to achieve approximately the same amount of white optical brightness and smoothness? There are a lot of variables when a shirt is manufactured. It applies not just to the thread count (a higher thread count provides a smoother printing sur- face and can result in less pretreatment required to create the perfect printing surface), but to many additional factors from the threads, type of cotton, the additional chemicals used to turn raw cotton into a dyed, finished garment, as well as how the shirt is handled during the entire production process, and other factors. All of these influence how much pretreatment a shirt requires to achieve an optimal white print. When most people DTG print, they try to get the lowest cost shirt that will perform the best but fail to take into account how the additive components such as pretreatment and ink will affect the overall end price of the garment. Our controlled test printing revealed some interesting results when we took a look at how the individual shirts responded. Proudly Manufactured in the USA 800.355.5250

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