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70 S T A R T H E R E 2 0 2 0 Figure 1.1 (All images courtesy Chris West) Figure 1.2 By Chris West USING METAL TO YOUR UV PRINTING ADVANTAGE Creating a metal sign using UV-LED printing UV-LED W hat do you get when you ask a UV print sales representative about the benefits of UV-LED print technology? You will be instantly regaled with an expanse of printing applications and materials for which the technology can be used. Among the list of UV print- able materials will be metal. Each material type offers its own features and benefits to the end product when UV print technology is applied to it. In this article, we look at one way to take advantage of the benefits metal has to offer when combined with the power of UV printing. The project detailed in this article is a recording studio sign that is UV printed on an 11-by-14-inch brushed aluminum panel. We utilize three differ- ent print modes to create the features of the sign: color-only printing, white with color, and raised printing. Adhesion pro- moter and recommended techniques of use are also discussed. Chris West is an Applications and Product Testing Specialist at Rowmark. Formally trained in graphic design, Chris has gained experience with Rowmark and JPPlus products not only from a graphics and fabrication standpoint, but also from a technical stance. Most recently, Chris has served in numerous roles developing and testing new products, integrating new technologies, troubleshooting and improving current products and processes, and supporting customers internally and externally with product and technology needs. Chris can be reached by email at or by calling 419-429-0184. USING METAL TO YOUR UV PRINTING ADVANTAGE Creating a metal sign using UV-LED printing

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