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71 S T A R T H E R E 2 0 2 0 Figure 2 COMPONENTS AND DESIGN Let's first look closer at the compo- nents and design of the sign. The main text of the sign is UV printed with white ink that is raised to increase visual emphasis on the text. The text rests on top of a solid black printed layer of ink, which adds visual weight to the bottom of the layout. Above the text is a group of horizon- tal lines. The line group is arranged to create a separation between the infor- mational lower portion and the graphic upper portion of the sign. The lines are also intended to establish a natural tie and progression between the lower and upper portions of the sign. Part of the line group is also printed with raised white ink to help separation and add visual interest between the two halves of the sign. Above the line group is the graphic portion of the sign. The graphic is intended to be the largest part of the sign as the attention grabber for the viewer. The graphic used for this project is a high-quality black-and-white image and is UV printed using a color-only print mode. The color-only print mode ren- ders the black-and-white image using Figure 3

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