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AWARDS & CUSTOMIZATION THE RISING TIDE OF BUSINESS | AARON MONTGOMERY 96 GRAPHICS PRO NOVEMBER 2020 GRAPHICS - PRO.COM PLANNING FOR 2021 HOW TO LOOK AHEAD, SCOPE OUT THE TRENDS, AND PLAN FOR THE FUTURE SUCCESS OF YOUR BUSINESS BY DOING SOME WORK RIGHT NOW W e are finally coming to the end of 2020, and I know many people are pretty excited about that. It has been a roller coaster year, with a pandemic, hurricanes, fires, social unrest, and many challenges for a lot of good people. But with those challenges, we have also seen a lot of positive change, especially in our industry where companies have made drastic changes and are coming out the other side of 2020 in a better place than where they were when they started the year. From my vantage point, these companies that view 2020 as a win are the ones who have a good foundation and clear plan for their business. SKYSCRAPERS Think about your business as a skyscraper. The best skyscrapers are built on a sturdy foundation that is sunk so deeply into bed- rock that it can withstand much of what mother nature throws at it. The building itself is made of strong material, but it is also flexible and can move when the earth shakes. I'd say 2020 was a year of earth-shaking for everyone. If you reflect back, how did your skyscraper hold up? When talking about your business as the skyscraper, your foundation is your "why," or your mission, reason for existing, mission statement, or whatever you call that thing that drives you daily and helps with decisions. If this is clear, well thought out, and part of your day to day, it gives you that bedrock in which to build your foundation. Then you put your business plan on top of that as the foundation and you have the perfect place to build your skyscraper. This month in The Rising Tide of Busi- ness, I want to talk to you about planning for 2021 and using this foundation idea to help better scope out trends and look ahead to make it a wonderful year. 2020 has taught us that being able to pivot is key, and a way to master that art is by getting to know your ideal customers and focus your business on their needs. So, let's talk about how to do that and then wrap up with what we can do with that information.

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