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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M 2 0 2 0 N O V E M B E R G R A P H I C S P R O 1 0 3 instead, pillow covers can easily be changed out and stored. Since you can personalize pillow covers with sublimation, you aren't limited in what you can offer, whether it be for the holiday season, a wedding, or a birth announcement. SOCIAL MEDIA Ok, maybe this isn't what you might typi- cally think of when you discuss sublimation trends. But where else could one find what is trending other than social media? Every- thing from Facebook pages and groups to Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest show- case the latest fashions, colors, and gifts that people both make and receive. Everywhere you look on social media shows that someone sells sublimated goods, and why not? You can personalize almost any substrate to fit the customer's needs, so it becomes a win for everyone. Why not start today? There is plenty of room for ev- eryone, and when you bring your unique ideas to the table, the only competition you have is you. VIRTUAL TRAINING With the COVID-19 pandemic, so much has changed in how we can sell, educate, and have social gatherings. A big option to buy and sell for many people in the past was trade shows and in-person training. Even though many of these shows have been canceled, most companies pivoted and started training virtually using Zoom and other platforms to bring an almost- live presentation without having people leave their homes. Virtual events like the Sublimation Sum- mit and THE NBM SHOW Breakaway Sessions have allowed us to still see what's going on around the industry. Until we can meet again in person, these virtual shows are a great way to chat with manufacturers to learn about latest trends in both equip- ment and substrates. DESIGNING TRENDS What is trending in the design world? Dare I say the obvious that anything COV- ID-19 pandemic related is popular, or you could go with 2020 themes, with sayings like "2020 not recommended," or "2020, please cancel my subscription." And not to mention all the 2020 toilet paper designs that people are coming up with. Gnomes are still popular; the cheetah pattern has emerged again, vintage trucks are still a thing, and let's not forget coun- try designs. WordArt has also become quite popular. Sometimes the simpler the font and saying, the more it tends to sell. COLOR PALETTE Staying on top of the trends has a lot to do with the colors that popular. When design- ing, being mindful of them is key to eye- catching products that will keep your cus- tomers coming back for more. One helpful way to keep on top of that is to pay atten- tion to the Pantone color reports. There are seasonal color palettes to help keep you on-trend. 2020 has been a year few will forget, but looking ahead to 2021, many of us realize that pivoting might have been one of the best things that came out of an unforget- table year, and we know the best is yet to come. GP CHERYL KUCHEK is the owner of Just my Imagination DeZigns Inc. and has been active in the personalization industry for over 10 years. Cheryl has a passion for the industry and a love for helping people; she was the first to start a Facebook group to do just that. Sublimation for Beginners and Beyond is a resource to help those first starting out and those who are advanced. Cheryl can be reached at This poly linen pillow cover was sublimated with vapor foam inside for 1 minute, 15 seconds at 400 F. Using your laser to cut sublimatable hardboard or even ColorLyte material is a great way to create custom shapes. Seen here is an ornament created using ColorLyte. This poly The shrink wrap con- forms to the size and shape of a substrate, making it ideal to subli- mate odd-shaped items.

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