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1 2 G R A P H I C S P R O N O V E M B E R 2 0 2 0 G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M W hile not a brand-new cate- gory, dye-sublimated tex- tiles continue to grow in prominence as a part of the graph- ics world for producers. Whether it's a sign shop, a T-shirt printer, or an all-around promotional products provider, these fabrics have grown in scope to encompass more products in recent years. Typically viewed as the go-to fabric for sublimatable sportswear, manufacturers have continued to develop new dye-sub textiles designed for indoor and outdoor applications, events, retail environments, and, more recently, another versatile tool to navigate the ongoing challenges of COVID-19. RECENT CHANGES From a producer standpoint, Mark Huebner, Hookfish Manufacturing, a Denver-area, full-service apparel man- ufacturer specializing in dye-sub and cut-and-sew, says he still sees demand Multitalented Textiles Right: Advances in ink technolo- gy have allowed for more vibrant colors for sublimated active- wear. (Image courtesy Roland DGA) Below: Sportswear continues to be a main- stay of the dye-subli- mated textiles cate- gory even as trends continue to shift. (Image courtesy Hookfish Man- ufacturing) A LOOK AT TRENDS AND EVOLUTIONS IN DYE-SUBLIMATED TEXTILES B Y M I K E C L A R K for dye-sublimated apparel textiles, but that demand is shift- ing. "I think the market has changed a lot from the more tradi- tional sportswear/activewear market into a much larger arsenal of products, including home d├ęcor, which has exploded," he says. Everything from customized pillowcases to printable up- holstery has entered the sublimatable textiles market, thanks to continuing advances in technology. While the demand for sublimated apparel does remain con- stant, sources say other markets and niches have begun to ask for dye-sublimated textiles more frequently. Sharon Roland, Fisher Textiles, says one common theme has been specialized textiles, like the company's GF4019 black-back fabric. The fabric features "a two-in-one solution for printable fabric with

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