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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M 2 0 2 0 N O V E M B E R G R A P H I C S P R O 2 1 We wanted some overlapping of tones but needed to be methodical about it. Some of the imagery in the original source photos had similar tones in lighter portions but not great highlights. The white ink would make an impact to help details here. Using the Dodge tool in Photoshop set to the Highlights range for the lightest values, we overexposed lightened areas to increase the amount of those white highlights. We snuck up on it by reducing our exposure to 15% as to not blow out the detail. We also used the Burn tool to do the opposite to shadow and the darkest values. These steps built additional drama and created tremen- dous contrast to the final composition. For a graphic layout, we added a thin line and a drop shadow layer to frame it all up. To break up the hard edge, avoid a big rectangle of ink, and to make the image part of the garment, we would use a grungy border as an edge treatment. It just hap- pened to work well with the rocks in the foreground too. We chose to separate this file in Separation Studio where we automatically break down the image into channels. Because Sep Stu- dio crunches data and separates through automated actions and algorithms into the values that represent the image, it saves pre- cious time. We can easily generate a white printer or underbase, gray, highlight white, and three different blacks for more or less black tones. We can simplify a complete grayscale or complicate it by using more or less screens. We chose to use two different blacks to give us full control over the various tonal ranges in the shadow and black areas of the image. There are a few areas of solid black in our photo and there are also areas where the black is used more subtly to help build darker gray tones and transitions. Call for a FREE Deluxe Sample Pack! RICOH Ri 2000 • Blazing-Fast Single Pass Printing • Innovative Automatic Head Cleaning Jig • Software Solutions to Grow Your Business 866.402.7450 FREE SHIPPING Screen Print Supplies • Siser Heat Transfer FDC Sign Vinyl • Screenprinting Equipment & More! (800) 535-4657 Plastics Inc A Division of

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