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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M 2 0 2 0 N O V E M B E R G R A P H I C S P R O 3 3 and favoring products that can be quickly thrown on to emulate office dress codes with minimal fuss and maximum comfort. Many companies are providing comfort- able, practical, and affordable logoed ap- parel so that staff can sport the brand while on video calls with customers. There are many great products available that are nicer looking than what you would wear to work out in. These are perfect for the work from home team members. Reach out to your local business owners and customers to show them what is avail- able. Showcase things that you would want to wear. Bring in some samples of comfort- able apparel and drop your logo on it. Wear these goods when you meet with custom- ers, online or in person. Cardigans: Cardigans are becoming the cargo pants for your top half. They go with everything. They are comfortable and can work with virtually any outfit. They are popular with both women and men. If you have not yet been asked about cardigans, I would be surprised. Check out the cardigan options avail- able from your preferred wholesale suppli- ers. Bring in some samples and deck them out with your logo or monogram. You can go for a bold look using contrasting colors or go for something more subtle, such as a tone on tone monogram. Retro Vibe: The '80s are back! For those of us that experienced this era as teens and young adults, it feels like home. I suspect this look is trending right now because of the sheer number of middle-aged adults that are yearning for a simpler time when we were out all day, came home when the streetlights came on, and no one really If you are not selling masks, you may want to consider doing so simply because the local demand is so high. (Image courtesy Karen Thibodeax, Sew What!) ALL NEW POTOMAC JACKET CS-4180 1/3 Printwear Ad_November.indd 1 8/24/20 1:23 PM

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