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4 8 G R A P H I C S P R O D E C E M B E R 2 0 2 0 G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M STAINLESS-STEEL CAN INSULATOR This durable and stylish stainless-steel can cooler is a welcome addition to the soft neoprene insulators that have been around forever. The double-walled insulators, made for 12-ounce cans, are offered with a white or clear coating and feature a black gasket to help keep a canned drink cool. Images trans- ferred into the white coating produce a vibrant, true-to-color image with exceptional quality and detail, while the images transferred into the clear coating produce a vibrant, metallic- looking image with the same exceptional quality and detail. The stainless-steel can insulator can be decorated using a standard sublimation printer and a traditional mug press or sublimation oven. Basic materials list for mug press: TEXTURED METAL PHOTO PANELS ChromaLuxe, a manufacturer of sublimatable metal photo panels, recently added a new textured option. Contrasting the typically ultra-smooth surface of its metal photo panels, the new textured finish provides a unique tactile feel for pho- tographers and artists wanting to offer their customers more variety. These glare-free, fingerprint-resistant panels are per- fect for desktop and wall art applications and are offered in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 5" X 7" all the way up to 40" X 60". The textured metal photo panels can be decorat- ed using a standard sublimation printer and flat heat press. Basic materials list: Basic steps: 1. Download a digital product template and use it to create your artwork. 2. Print the transfer. 3. Cover the bottom table of the heat press with a blank protective sheet of paper. 4. Secure transfer to metal panel using heat tape. 5. Place panel face-up (attached transfer face-down) on the protective paper, cover with another sheet of protective paper, and press for 1-2 minutes depending on metal size at 400 F with medium pressure. 6. Carefully remove the metal from the press, remove the transfer, and let cool. continued on page 86 DIVE DEEPER INTO SUBLIMATION WITH THIS LIST OF SPECIALTY SUBSTRATES: • Digital template • Printed transfer • Blank metal panel • Heat tape • Heat gloves • Protective paper • Flat heat press • Digital template • Printed transfer • Blank stainless- steel insulator • Heat tape • Heat gloves • Scissors • Protective paper • Mug press STAINLESS-STEEL CAN INSULATOR Durable and stylish stain- less-steel can coolers are a welcome addition to the soft neoprene in- sulators that have been around for a while. These glare-free, fingerprint-resistant photo panels are perfect for desktop and wall art applications.

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