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It's not a showerhead. It's not a faucet. It's not a water restrictor. It's a Fresh Water Reclamation System. Unlike water flow restriction devices, Aqua View's patented Showermi er Fresh Water Reclamation System recirculates unused fresh water before it ever goes down the drain, saving money and extending your fresh and gray water tank capacities up to 40% without changing tanks or adding weight. simply connects to your shower outlet. By flipping the diverter lever, you recirculate cold water back into the fresh water tank, before it comes out of the showerhead. Once the pipe is clear of cold water, our patented, color-changing tempera- ture indicator will show you in under four seconds that hot water has arrived. Just flip the diverter lever back to the showerhead and hot water will flow. • No more wasted water - and money - down the drain • RESULTS YOU CAN SEE from patented, color-changing technology • Good for the environment, good for your wallet • The simplest, least expensive, most innovative fresh water saving solution on Earth • BONUS: Fill your fresh water tank from the inside and never step out into bad weather again VISIT OUR WEBSITE TO FIND A SHOWERMI$ER RV DEALER NEAR YOU & VIEW DEMONSTRATION VIDEOS WWW.AQUAVIEWINC.COM • 714-485-5904 Stop Wasting Water... and never step into a cold shower again! Now being factory-installed by North America's leading RV manufacturers LOOK FOR THIS TAG! MSRP From $59.95 - $79.95* *Does not include installation. Fresh Water Reclamation Mode Gray Water Shower Mixing Valve Diverter Lever Temperature Indicator Fresh Water Heater U.S. Patent 10,538,902 Fresh Water Reclamation System Also available for retrofitting existing RV's. TM TM AQUA VIEW

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