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rv-pro.com January 2021 • RV PRO • 75 by developing a "pod" of RV-friendly grills with all the related accessories in an empty, highly visible floor space. The grills can be self-standing or sitting on a wood or lam- inate tables or cubes. On each grill, place a short, bul- let-point write-up about the features and benefits of the particular grill housed in a plexi or natural wood frame. Interspersed between the grills, you can stock grilling tools, potholders, aprons, grill cleaners and scrapers, some locally-made spices and barbecue sauces and other related grilling tools and accessories. I was in an RV store recently and noticed some gondola shelves were sold-down and there were some gaps between products that made everything look picked-over. I was curious about the accessories and asked a sales associate if there were any problems keeping popular products in stock. He laughed, shook his head and told me to look around. Shipments had been coming in more slowly and far more erratically and planning ahead hadn't helped with some vendors and products. With his permission, I made a few changes to the gondola shelves so I could get a sense of how long it took to make positive changes. Each change took less than a minute. In all, the four areas I "fixed" took less than five minutes. Taking photos was not allowed, so my photos are from a hot tub/spa store in the same part of town. Simple Solutions to Freshen the Showroom Here are some simple solutions to refresh your showroom so you highlight what you have, not what's missing. Fall apart below eye-level. If you don't have enough product to fill the vis- ible shelves, move product up from the bottom shelves to fill in wherever possible – and appropriate. Make sure you move the price signs to reflect the new placement of the products. Pull merchandise forward. People buy what's in front. Your backup stock is usually neatly sitting behind, waiting its turn to be bought. Pull it forward so the shelf looks fuller. This is a quick and easy visual fix The best protection for your journey. ™ equalizerhitch.com • 800-478-5578 MADE IN THE USA

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