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76 • RV PRO • January 2021 rv-pro.com 800-541-ADCO ADCOprod.com NEW! • MAP Priced and only sold to RV dealers versus all other brands that are available everywhere. • The new designer aesthetic provides a contemporary alternative to solid color covers. • This fabric is exclusive to ADCO. It has been tested to outperform other leading RV fabrics in tear strength, UV resistance and water resistance. RV DEALER EXCLUSIVE LIGHT COLORWAY Reduces temperature build-up Promotes cleanliness and reduces moisture build-up on the trailer WATER RESISTANT COATING Help prevent punctures in RV cover RV GUTTER SPOUT COVERS SUPER USER FRIENDLY Red accents help identify interaction points for easy installation ZIPPER ENTRY ON BOTH SIDES OF RV Allows slide-outs to be fully extended during storage for easy access Patented wind channels on bottom corners help promote a snug fit SUPERIOR WIND RESISTANCE Class A, Class C, Travel Trailer, 5th Wheel Trailer, Tent Trailer, Hi Lo Trailer, Micro Trailer, Toy Hauler, Truck Camper & Class B Vans! AVAILABLE FOR: that tricks people into thinking the store looks full. Fill in empty spaces with duplicate merchandise. If you have two of something but zero of something else, pull the dupli- cate pieces forward into the empty space. It's better to have two of the same side-to- side rather than an empty space. Empty spaces look like gap-toothed smiles – and not the cute kind. Adjust the shelf price tags so they make sense. Move the price marker for the out- of-stock merchandise to a bottom/empty shelf. If you have a different vendor that makes a similar product that can solve the problem for your customer – either stock it in that area or put a shelf sign in its place directing the customer to where it can be found in your store. Fill in empty spaces with information signs or graphics. Print out a list of "Must Have" RV chemicals, landscape-style (hori- zontal), with a list of up to seven products RV owners should have on-hand. The type font should be a simple sans serif, such as Helvetica, Arial, Calibri or any other clean font. Use the font size of 24 for headlines and 18 for the body of the type. You don't want people to have to put on their readers to see your signs. Review the following as an example: Headline: 24 font size in bold. Copy: 18 font size in regular Use 8.5- by 11-inch acrylic sign-holders with magnets to display your signs. A quick source is displays2go.com and (1-20 quan- tity), 8.5- by 11-inch landscape sign holders are $14.25 each. Other informational signs could address: when and how to clean your RV, when to change the filter(s), how to clean the covers, when to replace hoses and how to prevent or get rid of odors. I'm sure you have heard some questions over and over. Answer them in your signage so people can self-educate while shopping. Put groupings of products together that On the downside, it's very possible you're running low on parts and accessories. Your shelves and floorspace may look empty in places and your showroom can feel picked over. If you don't have exactly what your customers came in to buy, entice them to buy something else.

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