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rv-pro.com January 2021 • RV PRO • 77 are needed for one task in an empty space on a top shelf with a sign. For example, what is needed for the toilet such as: toilet chemicals, sewer kit and RV-friendly toilet paper. For the electrical supply area, have a "Make Sure You Have These" sign and stock surge protectors, electrical adapters, electrical tape, flashlights, and batteries. I'm very sure you can think of more things to include in this category. Of course, if the products in the grouping are the last ones you have, using them for a display won't work. But, if you have more than four of each product and are still dealing with empty spaces, displaying a group of problem-solving products on the top shelf along with a sign will educate people about what to buy for each task. For example, offer a tool kit and you can private label the box or bag with your logo and contact information. You can buy the tools wholesale, build your own kits and mark them up accordingly. Creating a 'Must-Have' Tool Kit Here are some items for a "must-have" tool kit: sockets, wrenches, pliers, hammer, pry bar, screwdrivers, caulk gun, headlamps, Allen wrenches, nut drivers, cordless drills and bits, cordless reciprocating saw and blades, a hand saw as well as nuts, bolts, screws and washers. Importantly, if you can't get certain prod- ucts, look for easy-to-source alternatives. For example, instead of many different, possibly out-of-stock cleaning supplies, offer white distilled vinegar for cleaning. Of course, your customers can buy it at the grocery store, but they're at your store – so, sell them what they need. Consider adding your logo to it once you mark it up a bit. Also, how about a sign right next to the vinegar that lets people know all the great things vinegar can do for their RV? Maybe even print it out on 4.25- by 11-inch strips of paper and have it handy in an upright plexi-holder, so customers can grab it, plus the vinegar. Of course, have your name, con- tact info and logo on the paper. The bottom line is to fake it until you make it. Give customers the visual illusion that your store is full, and eventually, this craziness will pass, and you'll be getting stock in on time and selling it out like crazy – hopefully! Easier install More profit Less price competition Use with your favorite baseplate works great. costs less. readybrake.com Guys... No need to fight, NSA Tow Bars work great AND they cost less. 800-933-3372 It works great! No... It costs less!

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