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G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M 2 0 2 1 F E B R U A R Y G R A P H I C S P R O 1 9 detail and tiny text on emblems; with fine, stable woven material as the base of the patch, it's easier to use thin threads and to carry the detail seen in seals and badges. Just remember that designs need to be digitized for 60-weight thread, as any satin or fill stitch will need approximately 25% more density to reach the coverage of 40-weight thread in the same circum- stances. For hot-knife cutting, some advise using a rayon thread for edging as it doesn't melt at the same temperature as the poly- ester fabric. Bobbin: When possible, use a bobbin thread that is as inconspicuous as possible for patches. The key is cutting down on contrast. Frequently, this means using an easily found pre-wound black bobbin, but you can also use a custom-wound colored 60-weight thread bobbin to enhance the wrapped look of a patch edge. Above: This commercially stitched patch was made from an embroidery file I provided the patch company. This piece uses an embroidered edge and was cut post-edging. Left: Hot knife cutting sees the patch cut from a span of polyester thread using a hot knife tool as seen with this scrap sample piece. They would usually be stitched in multiples on a complete span, including borders, after which they would be care- fully cut by dragging the tip of the hot knife's chisel point along the edge of the stitched border, melting the polyester fabric to both remove it from the span and seal the edge against any fraying. (Images courtesy Erich Campbell) The stiffness of a classic commercial patch is usually the result of support materials like crinoline or the addition of an adhesive layer. Commercial patches are usually made of finely woven poly- ester material that resists fraying somewhat, takes fine detail, and can be cut with a hot knife/laser. Thread: Some patch producers use 60-weight thread for fine Introducing the New Barudan KY Multihead Machine New Features, Exceptional Quality Small diameter cylinder arm New MK8 trimmer system Improved tensioner system b America, Inc. continued on page 94 Above: This commercially stitched

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