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solid ripples would be opaque, and the softer halftones would blend wet on wet, creating secondary tones. Those values were knocked out, but we left the softness up to chance. We laid on highlight white to kiss the top of the water where the sun reflects for that little bit of authenticity associated with this scenic look. The palms and hut on the beach started out as a simple black line, and again we used the stipple textured brush with a few dif- ferent colors for the warmer tones. We laid colors next to other colors for the illusion of a blended rendering but would be easier to separate. We used a soft white overlay almost like a blending white in the palms and painted in some opaque areas for contrast. The spirit of the retro stripes was really just to give a nod to that style from the past. They made great end caps as well. We made them thin so it didn't weigh down the bottom. Tropical theme? We needed a Hibiscus flower, the ambassadorial flower to the islands! They come in various colors, so it was hard to go wrong. We maintained the simplicity of the style and added a bit more color to detail the focal points. We kept a graphic look with an illustrative quality. Hibiscus are cone shaped and the center has G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M 2 0 2 1 F E B R U A R Y G R A P H I C S P R O 3 1 The client wanted a very soft hand to all the inks.

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