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3 8 T E A M S A L E S R E P O R T 2 0 2 1 G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M nearly unlimited color gamut, precision detail, and photorealistic imagery, at a production cost that's competitive with more limited analog technologies. If you simply want a reliable mechanism for replicating names and numbers in strong colors on demand, digital can handle that. If you want to print vivid, intense action shots, letting the viewer count the hairs on Tom Brady's head, you can do that, too. QUALITY Despite well-documented troubles in the early days of digital tex- tile printing, modern systems are capable of generating imprinted apparel that meets or exceeds the rigorous quality standards of any retail brand today. Durability, wash fastness, light fastness, rub fastness—DTG competes on any of these factors. I would also count color matching here, as well, and recall the example of Fanatics. Being licensed by major professional and collegiate sports leagues, they are held to an uncompromising standard for matching team colors. With digital, they achieve that standard, always. ALIGNS WITH ECOMMERCE Digital production is but one cog in the digital revolution, and as such, digital print systems can now interface with business data and management systems, including those on the production SUSTAINABLE AND SAFE DTG printing helps eliminate waste, which is beneficial to both your bottom line and the broader industry and ecosystem. When you can produce on demand, and only what is being sold, you eliminate inventory waste—which has proven a million- or even billion-dollar liability for certain brands—and the byproducts of processes such as screen printing (i.e. waste ink) and dye-sublima- tion (i.e. waste paper) can be removed from the equation. DTG produces virtually no water waste, and promotes a cleaner, tidier, healthier work environment. These benefits extend to the finished products themselves, as the best DTG systems meet rigorous industry and brand standards for eco-consciousness, are safe and nontoxic for all consumers (in- cluding babies), and promise to improve the image of a textile industry that has long wanted for responsible production prac- tices. Even if sustainability isn't your highest priority these days, it's gold for consumers and for your brand—and that sustainability comes hand-in-hand with the other business benefits described here rather than at their expense. GRAPHIC CAPABILITY DTG printing is essentially personal inkjet (paper) printing, ap- plied to substrates for purposes of apparel, accessories, home de- cor, and other applications. As such, state-of-the-art systems offer DTG now offers its full range of qual- ity, imagery, and efficiency benefits to some of the most popular team ap- parel and athleisure wear sold today. (Image courtesy Sockprints)

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