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4 8 T E A M S A L E S R E P O R T 2 0 2 1 G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M This is just one opportunity to use spiritwear in new ways. Ev- eryone attending the virtual event was able to show team pride, create unity in the school, and support a small business similar to what a live event would have produced. Online stores also open up new ways for fundraising from a dis- tance. Now contributors from across the country can participate and you're not just limited to attendees of an in-person event. This is a trend we see continuing for a long time to come. With fewer chili cook-offs or bake sales on the calendar, there's no need for a gap in support of teams and clubs. We have also seen the trend of selling branded and spirited apparel pivot to other businesses like dry cleaners or restaurants. BUSINESSES HELPING BUSINESSES Another popular pivot with a silver lining—anyone who can print shirts on demand is able to bring in extra income. Not only did T-shirts become one of the most popular fashion items thanks to casualwear exploding in popularity, but statement shirts are also still a big thing. Sales of custom merchandise such as custom Ts and hats can help keep businesses afloat. For example, a restaurant that has to transition to take-out only sales can also sell custom merchandise to make up for other losses. Entire websites are dedicated to "shop local" merchandise events, with proceeds going to help keep local businesses alive. THE SPRING SPORTS-PLOSION This type of proactive online selling to meet the growing demand for custom wear is something your business can offer. Just like a team that's been able to use its downtime to get in better shape a set open and close date with predetermined limited inventory. The school can select a specific number of items they want listed, attach a fundraising goal, or even try out a new school slogan. This is a place where a team can be a team again. Use stores and apparel to remind the community what it felt like to be in the stands and to cheer on their team. They can pick out a phrase of their choosing or a type of apparel they want to wear around town to support their friends and colleagues. They can show off where their kid goes to school, who they think will eventually win the world series, or which player they favor in their fantasy football league. With a little social media promotion, par- ents, students, and fans will have a place to buy their team or school pride gear and place funds to keep programs running. THE FUNDRAISING SIDE HUSTLE Earlier in the year, we were introduced to a mom that was doing apparel decoration as a side business. Her children were attend- ing school virtually and all in-person activities and sports were on hold until further notice. The school decided to host a virtual homecoming event to open the school year, creating a need for some school pride. With the urging of other parents, this mom ordered blank shirts, hats, bags, and transfers to make some things for their small community. As kids started to post photos on social media with their new swag, the requests started pouring in. Eventually the school approached the mom about doing a custom shirt and pen- nants for the virtual homecoming event. Everyone that signed up for the event was requested to make a donation to the school and received a shirt. Even if you've screen printed the team logo on shirts, you can quickly and easily add a custom name using heat transfer vinyl. 4 8 T E A M S A L E S R E P O R T 2 0 2 1 SPIRITWEAR HEAT TRANSFERS

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