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6 6 G R A P H I C S P R O F E B R U A R Y 2 0 2 1 G R A P H I C S - P R O. C O M S I G N A G E & P R I N T I N G S H O P T A L K | R I C K W I L L I A M S TALE OF TWO LOGOS TIPS FOR WORKING IN METAL AND ACRYLIC R ecently, one of our clients com- pleted a new office facility a few miles from the shop and con- tacted us about logos for the exterior and interior of his new place. On the outside, he had hired his gen- eral contractor to build a brick and wood monument sign facing one way, ap- proximately 6' X 8' in size including the brick columns. The main part of the sign where his logo, and a smaller logo for a tenant of his, would go was made of a rough textured and stained wood. STUD MOUNT On the inside of the building, in his re- ception area, they covered a wall with some weathered wood, and he wanted just his logo displayed on that wall. It was determined we'd use 1/4"-thick powder-coated aluminum for the exte- rior work, but on the inside we decided to make a custom version of his logo using 1/4"-thick black acrylic with thin brushed aluminum overlays made from .040 prefinished aluminum sheet. In both cases, my intention was to "stud mount" these items in ways a bit less typical so we would not do excessive damage to either the inside wall or the outside wood-faced monument sign, as there was a possibility that sometime in the future these graphic displays might have to change. On the all-metal outside version, there were a lot of parts because the display for his company involved 22 letters overall, and the tenant's logo involved 24 letters in four different sizes. These exterior parts were cut from 5052 aluminum plate on a This screen capture from the waterjet cut file shows the multitude of small metal parts we would be working with. These two logo jobs for a client with a new facility look similar but use different materials and special methods of installation. (All images courtesy Rick Williams) The exterior logo parts and letters were all cut from .25"-thick plate aluminum and were prepared for a special version of stud mounting.

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